Founded in 1889, the German company Dräger has grown to become one of the world leading companies in the field of medical and safety technologies. Well known for their high quality design, products from Dräger brand are known throughout the world for being extremely reliable and for providing high level protection to users. To date, these safety products are used in a large number of various industrial or tertiary applications.

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The Dräger technology

As a specialist of gas detection and respiratory protection technologies as well as drugs testing and alcohol detection, Dräger provides firefighters and police officers. Products from this German brand are also widely used in the industrial area: oil and gas industries, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy and steel industry, wastewater treatment and sanitation, agri-food industry, shipyard industry or even mining industry.

With the aim to offer relevant protection to operators working in hazardous environments, Dräger designs and produces high quality respiratory protective equipment and gas detection devices.

Portable gas detector

In order to respond to more and more specific requests and most demanding needs, Dräger offers a whole range of portable gas detection devices from standard single gas detectors up to multi gas detectors with advanced functions. Especially designed to personally protect workers in environments that may contain gas hazards, these portable gas detectors feature reliable measuring technologies which combine quickness and accuracy to durability with a large range of innovative and robust gas detection sensors.

Respiratory protective equipment

In addition to its range of gas detection devices, Dräger also designs and produces a whole range of respiratory protective equipment. Especially engineered to meet any request, this product line is composed by simple respiratory protective half-masks up to panoramic full face masks. It is also composed by a large series or protective hoods and harness for self-contained breathing apparatus or even mouthpiece units for emergency evacuations. Dräger also develops its own filter cartridges for respiratory protective devices – bayonet filters or RD DIN 40 universal filter cartridges – and personal alert safety systems to alert in case of man down situations.

Drugs and alcohol testing units

Lastly, Dräger is specialized in designing and producing alcohol and drugs detection units for professionals and individuals. These units feature the same advanced technologies than devices used by police officers for their security operations. Moreover, Dräger combines breathalyzers to interlock systems for vehicles. Drug testing units are made to hygienically detect major substances in organisms according to preset detection thresholds.