Dual cartridge half-mask respirator - X-plore 3300

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The X-plore 3300 half-mask is a reduced maintenance dual cartridge respirator mask. The backward position of the filters ensures a large and unobstructed field of view.

This half-mask is an ideal solution for operators who need both cost-effective and comfortable respiratory protection. Light and flexible, the X-plore 3300 dual cartridge half mask respirator exerts no pressure on your skull thanks to the "FlexiFit" material. The nose area is completely waterproof and allows glasses wearing. Detailed description


The X-plore 3300 dual cartridge half-mask respirator

A Cost effective and comfortable protection

The X-plore 3300 half-mask is a low maintenance half-mask respirator. The ideal choice for anyone looking for inexpensive, efficient and comfortable respiratory protection.

Easily adjustable head harness

The innovative cross over straps are very easy to don and ensure ideal weight distribution offering optimal comfort without pressure.

Flexible nose area for secure fit

The special design of the nose sealing strip ensures leak free sealing and an optimal fit with safety glasses. The three sizes (S, M, L) ensure a perfect fit to any face morphology.

Low profile compact design

The swept back position of the filters guarantees a wide field of view free from any obstruction and ensures optimal fit for use under protective visors. The modern design leads to a longer tolerance by the user.

Versatile use

The X-plore 3300 dual cartridge respirator half-mask is equipped with two lateral bayonet connections dedicated to the use of the large X-plore bayonet filter series.

X-plore 3300 dual cartridge half-mask respirator specifications

  • Body and mask made of soft and silicon-free (required for paint application) hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Cross over straps with one setup point and lateral pull for tightening
  • FlexiFit head harness made of self-adjusting soft elastomer, flexible nose area for use with protective glasses
  • Compact shape ideal for use with protection lens or welding visor
  • 96 grams reduced weight depending on the size
  • Compliance with the EN 140 standard
  • Individually packed (filters not provided)

Half-mask with X-plore filters

TheX-plore filters used with this dual catridge half-mask respirator compose an innovative respiratory protection range combining modern design and user comfort. The swept back position of the filters ensure unrestricted panoramic field of view.

The filters feature a secured twist-lock connector that can be easily mounted. The swept back position of bayonet filters on the side ensures users a large unrestricted vision.

Each filter is CE marked in compliance with the EN 14387 and/or EN 143:2000 standards and is packed with a second unit in order to only open the right number of required filters.

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