Area gas monitor

As their name implies, area gas monitors (or area monitoring systems) are gas detection units designed to ensure workers’ safety on a defined area. Contrary to classic portable gas detectors that are personal protective equipment (PPE), area gas monitors are made to secure a defined area where several operators are working.

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Half-way between a portable gas detector and a fixed gas detector

A gas area monitor is a multi gas monitor that concentrates the assets of a fixed gas detector in a portable, robust and user-friendly device. Thus it combines the fixed gas detection philosophy (powerful alerts visible from far away, relay and communication) to the freedom of a portable device that can easily be carried out depending on the needs.

Featuring long-lasting batteries that can run up to several weeks depending on the configuration, area gas monitors can also be plugged to the main power source using an intrinsically safe connection kit for long-term operations. These devices can be connected to each other as well in order to ensure a safety perimeter.

Area gas monitor: a multi gas detector with a large range of gas detection sensors

Particularly well-suited to detect the potential presence of gases in petro chemistry, refineries, confined spaces or wastewater treatment operations, area gas monitors can detect from 1 up to 7 gases simultaneously: combustible gases, AsH3, CL2, CO, COCl2, ETO, F2, H2, H2S, HCl, HCN, HF, NO, NO2, NH3, O2, O3, PH3, SiH4, SO2 and VOCs (volatile organic compound).

The two most commonly used versions in the industry are the 4 gas version: EXPLO (combustible gases, solvents and hydrocarbons), O2 (oxygen defficiency), CO (carbon monoxide), H2S (hydrogen sulphide); and the 5 gas version with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) added to the 4 classic gases.

LENS™ Wireless – when area gas monitors communicate

The LENS™ Wireless technology is a new way to ensure safety on a site. Thanks to this solution, once an area gas monitor or a personal gas detector enters on alarm mode because of the presence of a gas, a man down alert or a panic situation, every unit connected to the group will be instantly informed of the hazard.

When dealing with safety issues, time is very essential and each second counts. The LENS™ Wireless technology – which is available on the RADIUS BZ1 area gas monitor in association with the Ventis® Pro multi gas detectors – ensures the instant availability of people in the area. It is like laying a dynamic safety net on the working place.

The LENS™ Wireless technology fits with any application within minutes regardless of its size. No computer, no infrastructure, no configuration required ... Learn more about the LENS™ Wireless technology