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Filter unit for SAR system - Dräger PAS

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Designed to be connected to a compressed air network, the Dräger PAS air purifying filter units can remove any solid or liquid particle, oil vapor and odor from air.

Featuring a coalescent filter and an active carbon filter, these air purifying units for airline supplied air systems are available as wall-mounted devices or handheld devices in order to meet any application's needs. After being processed, the breathable air highly complies with the NF EN 12021 standard. Detailed description

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Product description

When connected to a high pressure compressed air network or a breathing air compressor, the PAS filter unit removes liquid and solid particles, oil vapors and smell. The breathable air produced by the unit is highly compliant with the NF EN 12021 standard requirements.

Wall-mounted or portable device

The PAS filter unit can be mounted to a wall or stand on the ground. The portable version features a carrying handle, lateral connectors and three legs to be protected against dirt. This also enables good steadiness on uneven surfaces.

Air pressure manual adjustment

The primary pressure from the line can be easily adjusted on the filter unit using a key. The set pressure is displayed on the manometer directly on the filter.

Dräger PAS filter unit assets

  • Compatible with all Dräger supplied respirators PAS Lite, PAS Colt, PAS Micro or PAS AirPack
  • Two connection options:
    - For a maximum 3 users (760 l / min)
    - For a maximum 5 users (1080 l / min)
  • Included in the filter unit: activated carbon and particle filters for solid and liquid particles, including humidity, oil droplets and odors
  • Option: pre-filter for very dirty air

PAS filter unit technical specifications

  • Housing: robust, stable housing made of polyethylene
  • Dimensions (h x l x d): 430 x 280 x 162 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 – 6.5 kg
  • Maximum capacity: 760 – 1,080 L/min
  • Coalescing filter: yes
  • Active carbon filter: yes
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 16 bar
  • Inlet connector:
    F3000/3500: 1/4” BSP (female)
    F5000/5500: 1/4” BSP (female)
  • Outlets: 3 / 5 x CEJ
  • Unit outlet air conformity: NF EN 12021
  • Options: pre-filter for heavy-dirty air

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