Colorimetric gas detector tubes

Colorimetric gas detection tubes are gas detection equipment used for punctual needs or when there is no available classic device to monitor some gases or substances. A colorimetric tube or dosi-tube unit is easy to use, cost effective, operates quickly and requires no technical skills. Gas detector tubes are gathered into two major categories:

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Colorimetric gas detection tubes

Colorimetric gas detector tubes are mainly chosen for the large range of substances they can measure with around 500 references! Thus they offer a particularly adapted solution to monitor the concentrations of toxic and asphyxiating gases as well as rare gases when there is no gas detector available or when they are too expensive.

These punctual measurement (instant measure) equipment are composed by a reactive tube specific to the target gas and a manual gas sampling pump - both cannot work alone. Only a few pump strokes (1 to 3 strokes) are enough to get an accurate measurement within seconds.

Tubes with pyrolyzer for refrigerant and anaesthetic gases

It is now easy, convenient and cost effective to accurately monitor chlorofluorocarbons (most of refrigerant gases), halogenated hydrocarbons (Acetonitrile, methyl chloride, methyl sulphide...) and anaesthetic gases with the colorimetric gas detection tubes Pyotec range.

This pyrolyzer system for fluorocarbons punctual measurement (instant measure) equipment is composed by a reactive tube specific to the target gas, a battery powered pyrolysis system to crack the substance and a manual gas sampling pump – the same than the one used with classic colorimetric gas detection tubes. Only a few pump strokes (from 1 to 3 strokes) are enough to get accurate measurements within seconds.

Dosimeter tubes - TWA measurements

Dosimetric detector tubes – also known as dosi-tubes or dosimeter tubes – are quite different than colorimetric tubes. They are TWA (time-weighted average) monitoring devices. They provide average measurements of harmful substances concentrations for a defined period – usually 8 hours, which corresponds to a workday.

Dosimeter tubes are daily concentration monitoring systems for gases present in the air. When placed close to the breathing tracts with a clip, they can monitor air quality in offices and PAB (public-access buildings). Thus they are particularly well-suited to monitor presence of carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde (CH2O) or benzene (C6H6) in ambient air.

Automatic air sampling pump - TWA & STEL measurements

The GSP300 automatic air sampling pump has been especially designed to continuously measure STEL (short term exposure limit) and TWA (time-weighted average) values with colorimetric gas detection tubes specific to toxic substances present in the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene

Thanks to an LCD display, it is possible to configure the internal pump flow, sampling volume and sampling time. The automatic stop function can also be configured to stop the sampling after a defined period or volume. The device is resistant to dust and water, is powered with two LR06 AA alkaline batteries and can operate continuously up to 10 hours.

Compressed-air quality control and analysis - Airtec tubes

Airtec tubes are made to quickly and easily monitor compressed air cylinders air quality used with self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air respirators and diving bottles. This is a monitoring and control unit dedicated to the control of breathable air stored in compressed air cylinders for enhanced safety.

In order to use the Airtec tubes direct vapor reading, just connect the pressure reducer to the high pressure air source, compressor or directly to the cylinder and then to adjust the flowmeter to the required value.