Colorimetric gas detector tubes

Simple, economical and with an impressive range of gases and accessories, gas detection by colorimetric reagent tubes can be an appropriate solution in many cases. Colorimetric tubes or dosi-tubes are simple and quick to use measuring devices that does not require any special skills.

It is a particularly interesting solution for measuring the presence of toxic or asphyxiating gases, when there are no suitable gas detectors. Colorimetric tubes allow detection of a large number of common, rare or exotic gases with over 500 available references.

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Colorimetric reagent tubes

Colorimetric reagent tubes are point measurement equipment (instant measurement), they are composed of a specific reagent tube for the to be measured gas and a sampling pump (manual or automatic) forming an inseparable measurement set.

Diffusion tubes or dosimetric tubes

Dosimetric tubes - or dosi-tubes, dosimeter tubes - differ slightly from colorimetric reagent tubes. These are TWA (time weighted average exposure value) type measurement equipment. They offer an average concentrations measure of harmful substances over a fixed period, generally 8 hours, the equivalent of a working day.

Tubes with pyrolyzer for freons and anesthetic gases

It is now easy, practical and economical to accurately measure chlorofluorocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and anesthetic gases with the Pyrotec tube range from Gastec. This point measurement equipment (instant measurement) is composed of a reactive tube specific to the to be measured gas, a battery pyrolyzer system to "crack this substance and a manual sampling pump.

Control & analysis of breathing air quality

Controlling the breathing air quality such as compressed air cylinders of self-contained breathing apparatus or scuba diving tanks is paramount, it is a matter of common sense. Tube control systems like Dräger Aerotest or Gastec Airtec tubes are relevant solutions for checking and ensuring compliance with the EN12021 standard relating to compressed breathing air quality.