Disposable FFP3 dust mask with valve - X-plore 1730 V

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The FFP3 X-plore 1730 V dust mask with valve provides the highest level of protection against particles (up to 99.97% filtration). As they are ultra-lightweight, they offer high comfort.

FFP3 masks offer the mots efficient protection, they are to be prefered for works involving very fine particles like ceramic fibers, medical waste, aerosols, viruses and bacteria. Detailed description

FFP3 disposable dust mask with valve

  • Highest level of air purifying performance (very high protection against very thin particles)
  • High performance professional range
  • Featuring CoolMAX™ exhalation valve
  • Removes 99.97% of aerosols

X-plore 1730 FFP3 dust mask with valve

The X-plore 1730 V disposable mask belongs to the next generation of particle purifying masks that provide efficient protection against thin, solid and liquid dusts exhausted in industrial applications, workshops, agriculture and services. The FFP3 mask is the most efficient FFP mask. It protects its user against very thin particles like asbestos for example.

The CoolSAFE™ material has been especially designed to combine several high performance purifying layers to an extremely low breathing resistance. Moreover, these masks successfully passed demanding tests to dolomite powder in order to check their resistance to clogging in the harshest dust exposure conditions.

Thanks to a very low respiratory resistance, breathing is particularly eased. Furthermore, the CoolMAX™ exhalation valve evacuates warm and moist exhaled air, avoiding any accumulation of heat under the mask and allowing its user to stay in a fresh environment.

FFP3 masks application examples

Field of activity


Particle type


Wood coloration (dye with copper or chromium)

Thin paint mist


Wood discoloration (paint with copper or chromium)

Thin paint particles

Sanding, grinding

Paint (with chromium)

Paint particles

Sanding, grinding

Stainless steel

Steelwork particles

Construction, mining operation


Steelwork fumes

Construction, mining operation


Aluminium oxides fumes

Construction, mining operation

Stainless steel

Steelwork oxides fumes

Construction, mining operation

Manual arc welding

Sparkles, fumes

Construction, mining operation

Laser welding

Sparkles, fumes

Waste removal

Dust and very thin particles


Waste removal

Waste removal


Waste removal

Medical waste

Bacteria, fungi


Personal protection

Viruses (avian flu, H1N1, coronavirus), bacteria

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