Optical flame detectors

Optical flame detectors – also known as UV IR flame detectors – react to radiations emitted by any type of flame. They have been designed to very quickly react to any fire ignition (in a few tenths milliseconds).

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Flame detectors specifications

Optical flame detectors are composed by sensors which operate with invisible radiations such as ultraviolet UV or infrared IR. The most powerful flame detectors usually feature several sensors (UV/IR, UV/IR/IR or IR3). Our optical flame detector range offers an outstanding performance level with SIL2 certification and an MTBF – mean time between failures – above 17 years!

Optical flame detectors are particularly well suited for high-risk industrial environments including refineries, petroleum storage areas, offshore platforms, printing plants as well as any ATEX classified area (explosive atmosphere). These ignition alert units are particularly well suited for hydrocarbons (gasoline, fuel, jet fuel), methane, LPG, hydrogen, polypropylene and even paper fires, which explains their use in printing plants.

The different types of optical flame detectors

Flame detectors are equipped with UV and IR detection high-end technologies. Thanks to their large detection range, these detectors can cover large hazardous areas. These flame detectors feature infrared and/or ultraviolet technologies to detect any potential fire ignition. Our units are using UV/IR, IR3 and IR4 technologies.