Optical flame detectors

An optical flame detector, more commonly known as a flame detector, reacts to radiation emitted by all types of flames. They are designed to very quickly prevent a fire from starting (in a few tens of milliseconds).

An optical flame detector is a compact and light device to facilitate its installation, it was designed to work in harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors, and in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

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The optical flame detector

A very high performance level

An optical flame detector is made of sensors working in invisible radiation, namely ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR). The most efficient generally have several sensors (UV / IR, UV / IR / IR or IR3) for better reliability and immunity to false alarms. Our range of optical flame detectors has a remarkable performance level with SIL2 certification and an over than 17 years average time between failures (MTBF - Mean time between failures).

Optical flame detector applications

A optical flame detector is particularly suitable for high-risk industrial applications, in particular refineries, oil storage, offshore platforms, printing plants, but also all areas classified as ATEX (explosive atmospheres). This fire start prevention device is particularly suitable for hydrocarbon (petrol, diesel, kerosene), methane, LPG, hydrogen, polypropylene but also paper fires, hence its use in the printing industry.

Different types of optical flame detectors

Optical flame detectors are equipped with advanced technologies in UV and IR detection. Their wide detection field allows them to cover a large area. These detectors use infrared and / or ultraviolet technologies to detect any possible fire start. Our models use UV / IR, IR3 and IR4 technologies.

UV / IR flame detector

This detector combines a UV sensor and an IR sensor for hydrogen and metal fires detection with fast response time (<150 msec).

Flame detector IR3

Combination of 3 infrared sensors for hydrocarbon fires detection up to 65 meters, while guaranteeing reliability and immunity.

Flame detector IR4

Combination of 4 infrared sensors for hydrocarbon flames detection over distances from 5 to 65 meters away maximum, while ensuring high immunity to nuisance alarms.