Dräger bayonet filter cartridges for X-plore 3300, 3500 & 5500 gas masks

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The X-plore bayonet filters range is an innovative line for Dräger dual-filter systems. The backward position on the side of the bayonet fittings allows a wide field of view, without obstruction and excellent weight distribution.

Using modern materials and attractive design improves user comfort and acceptance. The X-plore bayonet filters are compatible with X-plore full face masks and half-masks from the 33003500 and 5500 series. Detailed description

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Bayonet filters for twin cartridge respirators

Twin cartridge air purifying respirators (half masks and gas masks) are usually chosen for their compact size, weight balance and eased breathing with lower effort. They are mainly used in meticulous works requiring large field of view such as painting or welding (with a appropriate lens system).

The bayonet connecting system enables easy and safe connection of filters.

X-plore bayonet filters assets

Innovation and comfort

The Dräger X-plore bayonet filter series is an innovative range for dual filter systems. It combines modern design to optimal comfort. The bayonet gas mask filter connectors are located backward on both sides in order to provide user an unobstructed and large field of view.

Easy and safe mounting

Easy and safe mounting. These gas mask filters are equipped with safe bayonet connectors whose commissioning is intuitive thanks to a stop point.

Bayonet filters housing made of durable plastic

Each of these gas and combined bayonet filters feature a rugged plastic enclosure and are packed by two in order to only open the appropriate number of filtering cartridges.

Evolving combinations

X-plore gas mask filters can be associated to different X-plore Pad or Pure particle filters through a specific adapter in order to create combined filters. These additional particle filters can be independently replaced without removing the gas filter. The particle pre-filter avoids any risk of clogging by heavy particles or paint spraying.

Dräger X-plore bayonet filters application domains

The Dräger X-plore bayonet filter cartridge range is the new reference in terms of user comfort. The use of modern materials and attractive design optimizes comfort and user acceptance.

  • Compatible with X-plore 3300, X-plore 3500 half masks and X-plore 5500 full face masks
  • Bayonet connection allows simple and safe installation of cartridges
  • The two filters are introduced from the top and guided down to the stop

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