FFP2 dust mask - X-plore 1520

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The FFP2 X-plore 1520 dust mask offers a high level of protection against solid or liquid particles up to 10 times the OEL (FFP2). The internal coating provides a high comfort of use.

This dust mask provides protection against fine particles such as sanding dust (wood, metals), paint mists, spray paint and certain spores of fungi. They are particularly popular for sandblasting, grinding and spraying applications. Detailed description

FFP2 disposable dust mask

  • Stops 92% of particles minimum*
  • Most commonly used with a good level of filtration
  • Removes 94% of aerosols

*The X-plore 1520 FFP2 dust mask offered on our website goes over the standard value, up to 94%.

Assets of the X-plore 1520 FFP2 disposable dust mask

The internal coating is soft and comfortable and is resistant to humidity. The single VarioFLEXTM fastening flange is a particularly comfortable elastic textile strap: donning and removing the mask are particularly easy with no hair pulled out!

The X-plore 1520's folded shape enables user to store it in a pocket. Its compact design, universal size, and its packaging of 200 units per box make for easy stock management. These single use mask require no servicing nor maintenance.

X-plore 1520 are composed by several filtering layers, ensuring a high level of filtration performance. Each mask is individually packed for perfect hygiene.

The nose clip can be easily adjusted and enables a perfect airtightness in the critical nose area. The VarioFLEXTM fastening flange is resistant to tearing. X-plore 1520 dust masks contain no metallic fixing, avoiding any allergy risk.

FFP2 dust masks application examples

Field of activity


Particle type



Hardwood and softwood, thin particles, wood dust



Hardwood and softwood, thin particles, wood dust


Paint stripping

Thin paint particles

Sanding, grinding

Rust/corrosion scouring

Rust, corrosion and steel dust

Sanding, grinding


Rock dust

Sanding, grinding

Hardwood and softwood

Wood dust

Sanding, grinding

Synthetic, plastics

Synthetic dust

Sanding, grinding


Paint particles

Sanding, grinding


Steelwork dust

Sanding, grinding

Adhesive removal

Thin dust

Construction, mining operation

Water-based painting

Large paint particles

Construction, mining operation

Sprayed varnish

Paint mist

Construction, mining operation


Any type dust

Construction, mining operation

Concrete casting

Thin plaster particles

Construction, mining operation


Hardwood and softwood particles

Construction, mining operation

Roofing and flooring

Roofing and flooring particles

Construction, mining operation


Thin rock particles

Metal treatment



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