Self-contained breathing apparatus with SAR connector - PAS Colt

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The PAS Colt self-contained breathing apparatus has been especially designed for emergency evacuations or short-term interventions. Thanks to its ergonomically designed harness, the SCBA user can carry a compressed air cylinder and is equipped with an air supply hose. Furthermore, an automatic inverser enable user to use the PAS Colt with an external air supply.

An automatic inverter allows connection with an external air supply (breathing air cart or compressor with filtration terminal) to transform the PAS-colt into a supplied air respirator device with an emergency compressed air cylinder. Detailed description

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The PAS Colt self-contrained breathing apparatus

Flexible and easy to use, the PAS Colt SCBA is approved for short term interventions or for emergency escape situations. It also provides the opportunity to connect an air supply through an automatic reverser system. Thus it can also be used as a supplied air respirator system.

Ergonomic harness

The PAS Colt is a unit mounted on the user’s hip. Its sophisticated and distinctive harness maintains its shape for easy and quick donning. The device is user-friendly and can easily be operated right away, even by inexperienced users.

High quality materials

The extremely robust and flexible harness is machine washable. It is made of antistatic materials and is approved for interventions in zone 1. The closed cell foam padding is resistant to water, oil and chemical substances as well as acids and bases. It remains reliable even in case of extreme temperatures and features high resistance to heat, wear and tear.

Nova Panorama panoramic mask

The Nova Panorama full face mask sets new standards regarding safety and comfort of use. Very ergonomic ad available in EPDM or silicon, it offers a large field of view and both comfortable and safe adjustment.

PAS SOV automatic reverser

The PAS SOV automatic reverser enables its user to connect compressed air respiratory devices to an external air supply such as a factory or laboratory air network or a breathing air compressor.

In case of incident or interruption on the primary air source, the PAS SOV automatic reverser instantly switches the air supply to a spare source (compressed air cylinder). An alarm whistle warns the user that he or she is breathing air from the compressed air cylinder.

PAS Colt assets

  • Compliant with the new inverter standard EN 14593-pt.1
  • Maintains positive pressure even when tilting
  • Guaranteed overpressure = increased safety
  • Automatic system without user intervention
  • Warning whistle

PAS Colt technical specifications

  • Dimensions max (W x H x D): 500 x 950 x 70 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to +70 °C
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Cylinder inlet pressure: 200 to 300 bar
  • Compressed air distributor inlet pressure: 6 to 9 bar
  • Nominal outlet pressure: 1st stage 7 bar
  • 1st floor air flow:> 600 l / min
  • Air flow, demand valve:> 400 l / min
  • Alarm activation pressure *:
    55 - 60 bar (standard EN137)
    4 - 5 bar (optional EN 402)
  • Alarm signal strength *:> 90 dBA

* Optional alarm signal for the device according to EN 402 on the belt.

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