Single-use constant flow chemical suit SPC 3700 with CVA 0700

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Dräger's SPC 3700 is a single use, constant flow chemical suit. Combined with the CVA 0700 vest , it provides unparalleled protection, flexibility and comfort. This Type 3 dry suit protects the wearer from contact with chemicals and allows ample movement, while the vest provides breathable air supply and a pleasant cooling effect.

The CVA 0700 ventilated jacket (air diffuser jacket) evenly distributes the breathable air and not only creates a cooling effect, but also reduces fogging and improves visibility . The sound level has also been reduced to less than 70 dB (A) for even greater comfort. Detailed description

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SPC 3700 chemical suit with CVA 0700 vest

Lightweight and comfortable, the disposable chemical suit SPC 3700, liquid and splash proof, provides reliable protection against dust, the finest powders, many inorganic acids and concentrated alkalis. It is resistant to a wide range of organic liquid chemicals and is CE certified for categories 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The high quality ventilated jacket is worn inside the suit. In this way, it does not come into contact with external agents and unlike the suit, it can be used repeatedly, which allows substantial savings. Robust, simple to maintain and easy to clean, it offers high level performance for a large number of applications.

The large opening at the back of the SPC 3700 suit makes it quick and easy to put on. The CVA 0700 ventilated jacket is simply worn and connected by an air hose to an external source of breathing air.

Dräger SPC 3700 suit technical specifications

  • Material: Tychem® F (gray) or Tychem® C (yellow)
  • Closure: horizontal zipper in the back equipped with a double flap made of the same material as the suit
  • Overshoes: integrated fitted with antistatic soles (PVC)
  • Storage period: 5 years
  • Weight (depending on suit size) approx. 0.8 to 1.0 kg
  • Certifications :
    - EN 14605: EU requirements for type 3 and 4 protective clothing
    - EN ISO 13982: Type 5 protective clothing
    - EN 13034: Type 6 protective clothing
    - EN 1073-1 Protective clothing against radioactive contamination in particulate form
    - EN 14126 Protective clothing against infectious agents
    - EN 1149-1 Requirements for protective clothing - Electrostatic properties

CVA 0700 supplied air jacket technical specifications

  • Design: one size fits all with adjustable buckles
  • Material: Polyester interior and exterior composed of a silicone air diffuser
  • Input coupling (standard): CEJN 96 (Hansen, Foster, Schreader, Stäubli, Walther optional)
  • Dimensions : 700 x 900 x 100 mm
  • Weight : approx 1,9 kg
  • Certifications: EN 14594 (continuous flow compressed air supply systems)
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