RD DIN40 half-mask respirator - X-plore 4700

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The X-plore 4700 single filter half-mask respirator has been especially designed to provide users maximal protection and airtightness. Easy to don, this half-mask is compatible with RD 40 and RD 90 filter cartridge ranges against gases and particles.

The X-plore 4700 is available in two versions: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for painting applications, or silicon for sensitive skin. This versatile Dräger half mask respirator is comfortable and answers to the most demanding efficency and air tightness requirements. Detailed description

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The X-plore 4700: an efficient and versatile single filter half-mask respirator

The X-plore 4700 is a robust single-filter half mask respirator that meets the most demanding comfort and airtightness requirements making this gas mask a very comfortable protective equipment with a convenient fit.

Comfortable use

This half-mask respirator is a combination of an extremely soft mask body with a designated and shaped nose area. The respirator ensures a precise fit, has good sealing properties and is almost pressure-free use.

Easy adjustment of the head harness

The X-plore 4700 single filter respirator has an innovative X shaped (crosswise) head harness that enables easy adjustment and ensures a perfect weight and pressure balance to improve the user comfort.

Drop-Down System

By simply opening the neck closure of the harness system, the half-mask respirator can be easily doffed without taking off the helmet or protective visor of the user. In its standby position, the inner mask remains close to the body, protected against contamination and ready to use.

Versatile use

The X-plore 4700 mask is equipped with a Rd40 thread according to the EN 148-1 standard and can be combined with the large X-plore Rd40 filter series.

Two high-quality materials options

  • TPE (well suited for paint application) for normal skins.
  • Silicon for sensitive skins. The silicon version is available in two sizes.

The Dräger X-plore 4700 single filter mask key points

  • Body and mask made of TPE (for paint application) or silicon for sensitive skins.
  • X shaped head harness with fast neck opening to release the mask without removing other protective equipment
  • Shaped nose area enables the use of protective goggles
  • RD DIN 40 thread to secure filter connection
  • Reduced weight – approx. 96 grams depending on the size
  • Individually packed (no filter included)

The X-plore 4700 half mask with RD DIN40 universal filters

The range of universal filters X-plore RD DIN40 (40 mm thread) offers different types of filters for all common applications. It offers protection against many toxic substances, from organic vapors to radioactive iodine.

  • Aluminum housing: The aluminum housing makes it easy to detect any
    possible damage to the filter, for increased safety.
  • Individual resealable packaging: The filters are individually wrapped to guarantee optimum protection of the unused filter.
  • CE marking: All filters bear the CE marking, in accordance with standard
    EN 14387 and / or EN 143: 2000

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