Dräger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol breathalyzer for professionals

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The Dräger Alcotest 5000 digital breathalyzer is a device able to detect alcohol in exhaled air and made for professional use. Thanks to its contactless cone specially designed to minimize exhaled air return, many tests can be carried out quickly while minimizing cross infection risks on later tested subjects.

For law enforcement and private security companies, detecting alcohol consumption among many subjects in a limited time represents a major challenge: large-scale operations such as access control at workplaces, stadiums, public transport sites. Detailed description

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The Däger Alcotest 5000 digital breathalyzer

With over 65 years of experience, Dräger is the international leader in the breath alcohol testing field. In many countries around the world, law enforcement officers use devices from the Alcotest range daily in the context of driving alcohol testing. Manufactured in Germany, the Alcotest 5000 is compliant with the strictest standards. The device exploits highly efficient EC sensors that guarantee precise and reliable results.

Fast and precise alcohol consumption test

The test doesn’t require any physical contact with the controlled subject. The test simply requires the subject to blow exhaled air into a cone, there’s no need to add or to remove any mouthpiece on the device. Thanks to its unique design, the cone of the Dräger Alcotest 5000 avoids any exhaled air to rise up again, thus eliminating the cross contamination risk with previous subjects. After use the cone is easy to replace to guarantee impeccable hygiene.

Maximum testing in minimum time

The Alcotest 5000 can test up to 12 subjects per minute. For law enforcement officers or private security contractors, control alcohol consumption on many subjects in a limited time is a major challenge. For example it can be necessary in high affluence operations like controlling access to the workplace, to stadiums, in public transit or in airports. In case of positive control, the exact blood alcohol rate can be given with another device that provides measurements with legal value, or use another Dräger device.

Easy and convenient alcohol test

With its easy use thanks to its « OK » button, the Alcotest 5000 embodies the last generation of alcohol screening devices from Dräger - highly recognized manufacturer for their product’s efficiency and simplicity. Two arrow buttons allow easy menu navigation, for example to consult the last test results, reset the test meter, verify the calibration date or change the language. Icon instructions are displayed on the test for easy use.

Dräger Alcotest 5000 technical specifications

  • Measuring range:
    0 to 0,029 mg/l « V » symbol on the screen + green LED means no alcohol detected
    Starting at 0,030 mg/l « X » on the screen + red LED means alcohol detected
    Starting at 2,5 mg/l The measurement threshold is reached.
  • Start-up time 4 s after ignition
  • Test result display time:
    Approx. 2 seconds from 0 to 0,029 mg/l
    Approx. 6 seconds for 0,5 mg/l in ambient temperature
  • Sampling cone:Hygienic, individually packaged, and designed to reduce blowback.
  • Measurement technology: Dräger special alcohol electrochemical sensor
  • DisplayBacklit liquid crystal panel 32 x 22 mm
  • Signals:
    2 colors to highlight test results and alert messages
    Different tones to go with messages and alarms
  • Memory:Records the 500 last test results with number date and time
  • Power supply:3 AA batteries provide power to proceed to over 5000 tests (battery indicator displayed on screen)
  • Housingshock resistant PC-ABS casing
  • Dimensions (l x h x w) / weight:63 x 219 x 41 mm/approx. 245 gr
  • Marking:CE Directive CEM
  • Humidity:10 to 100 % relative humidity without condensation while operating

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