Digital breathalyzers and drug tests

Digital breathalyzers and drug screening tests: as they use the same technologies than devices used by police officers, our range of electronic breathalyzers is dedicated to the public as well as professionals. In addition to digital breathalyzers, we also offer drug screening test solutions for the following drugs: cocaine, opioids, cannabis, amphetamines and methamphetamines.

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Digital breathalyzer: high precision and ease of use

Our digital breathalyzers range has been especially designed for highly reliable results and hygienic use. The measuring accuracy of these electronic breathalyzers is due to an electrochemical sensor that specifically reacts to alcohol. The measure – spreading between 0 and 5% - can be read on an LCD display for easy value readout. Switching on these devices is extremely fast, between 2 and 4 seconds according to the selected unit. Once the “READY” message is displayed on the screen, users just need to push the backlit button and blow in the mouthpiece to get swift and accurate measurement. An acoustic signal can also be heard once the device is ready to operate. Alcohol breathalyzers are designed to be compact and ergonomic and not to clutter users. This way, they can be easily stored in a pocket.

Alcohol breathalyzer: a reliable and infinitely reusable unit

As digital breathalyzers are reusable, great care was taken to remove any alcohol residue that could remain in the unit. The mouthpiece (a small piece in which the user blows) is entirely protected with a cap when the alcohol testing device is not operating. Exhaled air goes through the unit and only a small amount of the sample is then being analyzed. If several people have to use the same electronic breathalyzer, other mouthpieces are available in option and can be bought separately. Each new user must use a new mouthpiece to ensure hygiene and accuracy of the measuring process. Advanced units can also monitor alcohol concentration in ambient air (passive), which does not require the use of a mouthpiece./p>

Drug screening test unit:

This unit is composed of two components: a saliva drug test swab where the test is performed and a cassette including a liquid that reacts to the different substances (THC, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamine). The measuring time can take from 3 to 5 minutes for sensitive measurements. If a substance is not detected, a line is clearly displayed in front of the related category. This drug-screening unit is approved as a medical device in the European Union in compliance with the 98/79/IEC Directive, and can therefore be used by professionals.

A reliable and infinitely reusable unit:

As for every measuring device, breathalyzers need to be periodically calibrated. SafetyGas offers a large range of calibration gases in order to ensure accuracy and reliability of monitoring devices. It is recommended to calibrate electronic breathalyzers every 6 months in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. We can profide disposable calibration gas cylinders especially made for breathalyzers. These ethanol (C3H6O) cylinders are ideal for low volume applications and feature a long 60 months shelf life.