Dräger reagent tubes - Spot gas measurement by colorimetric tubes

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The Dräger reagent tube measurement system includes more than 200 colorimetric tubes for precise point measurements of more than 500 gases and vapors. These tubes are used either manually in combination with the Dräger Accuro pump, or automatically with the Dräger X-act 5000 pump.

They are used for the determination of concentration peaks, measurement of exposure levels, detection of potential leaks as well as for air analysis in sewers, conduits, tanks or other confined spaces. Detailed description

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Dräger tubes operating principle

Dräger colorimetric reagent tubes for spot measurement are designed for immediate measurement, at a precise location and for a relatively short period of time. Depending on the nature of the gas and the sample pump, these measurements can take between 10 seconds to 15 minutes.

Dräger tubes are composed of a sealed glass tube containing - on a solid carrier material - a chemical reagent which reacts to a particular gas or vapor by a characteristic color change. Very small amounts of gas are sufficient and the user can easily read and analyze the result thanks to the printed scale on the tube.

Main advantages of Dräger colorimetric tubes

With over 100 million tubes sold over the past ten years, Dräger reagent tubes remain undoubtedly the benchmark in the gas point measurement category.

  • Accurate: reliable and precise measurement with direct reading
  • Easy to use: no skills or special technical knowledge required
  • Fast: a few minutes are enough for the measurement
  • Practical: easy to use, even with protective gloves
  • Economic: excellent value for money
  • Maintenance-free: no maintenance, no prior calibration required

Accuro manual pump for Dräger reagent tubes

The Accuro pump for Dräger reagent colorimetric tubes is a manual bellows pump which draws 100 ml per stroke. When the bellows is released, the air is pumped automatically and the sample of gas to be measured is drawn through the reagent tube. An end of stroke indicator is integrated in the pump body to easily check the performed number of strokes.

This pump is easy to use with one hand, and allows reliable measurements in places with difficult access or in extreme conditions (ladders, tight spaces, bottom of pipes, etc.). Light (250 grams) and compact, this sampling pump can be used in classified areas (ATEX Gas).

X-act 5000 automatic pump for Dräger reagent tubes

The X-act 5000 pump is a state-of-the-art, highly precise automatic suction pump specially designed for Dräger colorimetric tubes and sampling systems. Its simplicity of use is based on the intuitive nature of the navigation menu between the different operating modes and on the intelligent pump control using electronics and software.

Depending on the tubes or sampling devices, it is possible to directly adjust the test parameters, without using a flow meter. Once the sampling time has been configured, the pump can be started immediately. It then stops automatically at the end of the measurement. The defined data, the elapsed time and the sample volume are displayed on the screen.

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