Industrial Scientific

Industrial Scientific

Industrial Scientific Corporation – or most commonly known as ISC – is one of the world leading company in the portable gas detection sector. ISC designs and produces devices which purpose is to protect humans at work and has the objective to eliminate gas related death on the workplace until the end of the century.

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Portable gas detectors

Depending on applications and activities, needs and requirements are not always the same. That’s why Industrial Scientific offers a large and complete range of portable gas detectors from classic single-gas detectors up to the world most powerful multigas detectors. They feature enhanced functions like data logging, customizable alert messages… Moreover, multigas detectors can be configured with many different gas sensors in order to meet any requirement.

Industrial Scientific Corporation also designs and produces area gas monitors. These units are engineered with the same concern of improved performance and reliability than personal protective equipment (PPE).

Lastly, thanks to the LENS™ Wireless technology, Industrial Scientific offers operators a new way to manage safety and gas detection on a site. This technology thus allows portable gas detectors and area gas monitors to communicate information between each other. This way, once a gas detector or an area monitor enters into alarm regardless the reason (abnormal presence of gas, man in distress, panic situation), any paired detector connector to the network will instantly receive information. Thanks to this new communication technology, information chains are reduced to improve efficiency and take adapted actions.

In order to succeed its prime mission, every device and protective equipment produced by ISC complies with current safety standards in countries where they are sold.

Gas detection as a service

Managing a large fleet of gas detectors can sometimes appear extremely time craving for companies. ISC offers solutions and services for these companies. With the iNet solution, the management of personal equipment fleet is widely reduced and eased. This way, operators can keep focus on their activities with the certainty to provide teams which evolve in hazardous areas safe equipment.

The iNet solution allows any operator to manage its portable gas detection devices fleet from an Internet browser. Thus, you can computerize the whole maintenance of your devices from the unique web interface: periodical checkins, calibrations, bump tests… The DSX docking station was also designed to alert users in case of any problem or failure or in case of low calibration gas cylinder capacity. Thanks to this function, production would not be stopped because of non-operational devices.