Air Products

Air Products

Created more than 25 years ago from Prodair and L’Oxygène liquide companies merger, Air Products has become one of the world major provider of industrial gas with sales amounting nearby 10 billion dollar in 2015. Thanks to their unique know-how on producing gases, they can meet any request on classic standard gases as well as exotic gases with specific concentrations.

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Air Products calibration gas:

Air Products offers a full range which includes many calibration gases and standard gaseous mixtures with fixed concentrations. In order to meet any application need and requirement, the company specialized itself in producing specific calibration gas cylinders whether on gas or concentration.
These calibration gases are filled in disposable cylinders made of stainless steel or carbon fiber composite. They are especially designed for many applications such as gas detector calibration or periodical checking, calibration of specific measurement devices like breathalyzers or modified atmosphere packaging analyzers (MAP). These calibration gas cylinders are available in several different sizes and are also very convenient to perform bump tests of gas detectors.
Gravimetrically mixed, calibration gases produced by Air Products are all compliant with principles and requirements of ISO6142 standard in order to ensure optimal shelf life and gas concentration high accuracy. Thanks to the large range of calibration gases and available concentrations, these calibration gas cylinders can be used in any industrial environments for many applications as well as in laboratories with very low gas concentration levels.

Accessories for calibration gas cylinders:

In addition to its very large range of calibration gas cylinders, Air Products company also offers many related accessories. For example, soft or rigid carrying cases fit in any cylinder size (34, 58 or 110 liters) and are available to ease and secure their transport.
Depending on needs and specifications of some gases, many flow regulators are available as well. In this category are gathered manual or on demand flow regulators which feature a specific coating for cylinders containing corrosive gases like chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia (NH3) or others.

Environmental policy:

As they are environmentally-conscious and concerned with hazardous products treatment and their impact on environment and climate, Air Products also offers recycling tools for disposable calibration gas cylinders. These tools are specifically designed to fit in cylinders and pierce them in order to transform regular waste recycling facilities. This way, Air Products meets recommendations and requirements of the European Union on recycling under pressure single-use containers.

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