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Air Products is nowadays one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial gases. Their know-how in industrial gas production enables them to meet all special requirements, from the most traditional gases to exotic gases in standard or specific concentrations for gas testing and gas detector calibration.

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Air Products Calibration Gases

Air Products offers a comprehensive range, including numerous calibration gases and standard gas mixtures at fixed concentrations. To meet the requirements of any application, the company has specialized in the realization of specific calibration gas cylinders, either in terms of gas or concentrations.

Mixed by gravimetry, Air Products calibration gases comply with the principles of the ISO6142 standard to guarantee an optimal shelf life and a very high accuracy of gas concentrations. These calibration gases, produced in disposable cylinders, are available in 34, 58, or 110-liter cylinders (water capacity).

Calibration gas cylinders accessories

In addition to its wide range of calibration gas cylinders, Air Products also offers many dedicated accessories. Flexible or rigid carrying cases adapt to the size of the cylinder and allow for easy transport.

Following the needs and specifications of some gases, numerous flow regulators are available. This category includes manual or on-demand flow regulators with a specific coating for cylinders containing corrosive gases (Cl2, HCN, NH3, etc.).

Air Products environmental policy

Concerned about the environment and the treatment of hazardous products, Air Products also offers recycling tools for disposable calibration gas cylinders. The latter fits perfectly to the cylinders and pierces them to make them non-hazardous products in the traditional waste recycling channels. In this way, Air Products follows the European Union's recommendations on recycling single-use pressure vessels.

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