HPS 7000 firefighter helmet

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The HPS 7000 is a modern firefighter helmet. Its ergonomic design, sporty and dynamic shape and components make it a multifunctional system solution.

The ability to combine numerous accessories with the HPS 7000 fire helmet makes it adaptable to many situations.

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The HPS 7000 firefighter helmet

A firefighter helmet for all heads

The HPS 7000 adapts to all heads from the smallest to the largest. 2 shell sizes allow the helmet to adapt to head sizes ranging from 50 to 66 cm. In addition, with a weight around 1380 grams for the basic version, it is one of the lightest helmets in its category.

An adjustable helmet

Thanks to the 4-point adjustable cap, the wearer can easily adapt the helmet to the shape of his head for maximum safety. The adjustment wheel is easily accessible. Placed on the outer shell, it allows fast and easy head circumference adjustment.

An innovative and robust design

The HPS 7000 firefighter helmet distributes the weight evenly over the head and ensures comfort thanks to its interior lining in comfortable, flexible and anti-allergenic material. Despite its low weight, the Dräger HPS 7000 helmet is one of the safest full-shell helmets in its class thanks to these material alloys.

All options are possible

A wide range of accessories completes the range of products already available from Dräger. Thanks to a small number of components, the maintenance of the HPS 7000 firefighter helmet is fast and efficient. In a few manipulations and using standard tools, all interior components can be dismantled and replaced if necessary.

The HPS 7000 firefighter helmet technical specifications

  • Size: H1 for head sizes 52 to 62 and 50/51 optional H2 for head sizes 56 to 64/66, infinitely adjustable with a dial
  • Weight: from 1380 g to 1880 g depending on the model
  • Material, exterior shell: composite made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic (PA-GF) with aramid fiber resistant to high temperatures
  • Colors: black, bright orange, bright yellow, chrome, photo luminescent, photo luminescent yellow, red, signal blue, white aluminum, white, yellow green, zinc yellow
  • Mask connection: attachment option of any adaptable mask, only for the PRO version. Adjustable in 4 positions
  • Helmet interior: 4-point harness in flame retardant and washable Nomex, sweatband in eco leather, head support ring with patented adjustment knob, integrated multi-layered mesh or comfort pad, fixing lever for face shield and communication adapter
  • Face shield: transparent or transparent model with anti-scratch, gold or anti-fog treatment

HPS 7000 firefighter helmet certifications

  • NF EN443:2008 standard for firefighter helmets (Type B 3b, C, E2, E3, -40 ° C),
  • DIN 58610:2014 standard for mask-helmet combinations,
  • DIN EN16471:2014 for fire helmets (vegetation fires)
  • DIN EN16473:2014 for fire helmets (technical rescue)
  • MED 2014/90/UE standard for fire helmets on board ships
  • SOLAS II-2/ 10.10 ; IMO Res. MSC.327(90) : International standard for fire helmets on board ships
  • Russian standard GOST for fire helmets
  • Brazilian standard CA 32.878 for fire helmets
  • Chinese standard GA44-2015 for firefighter helmets
  • EU personal protective equipment regulation 2016/425
  • Protective glasses certification: NF EN14458:2018, with options -30°C/+50°C, BT, K, E1/E3, optical class 1 depending on the version Face shield certification: NF EN14458:2018 with options R1/R2, -40°C/+120°C or -30°C/+50°C, BT, K, N, E1/E3, UV 2–4, IR 4–4, optical class 1 depending on the version
  • Helmet lamp certification: IECEx : Ex ib IIC T4/T3 Gb, ATEX : II 2G Ex ib IIC T4/T3 Gb

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