Personal alert safety systems PASS for lone worker

A Personal alert safety system (PASS) for lone workers is a protective equipment that allows its user to transmit an alert signal in case of a dangerous event or situation. The alert signal form a lone worker PASS device is automatically triggered (the device detects an absence of movement for a prolonged period of time, a fall, a failed safety check, etc.) or can be triggered manually by the carrier of the device (panic button).

Different technologies and types of personal alert safety system PASS devices are available: connected (2G / 3G), real-time geolocated, ATEX certified, with portable gas detector functionality, and Bluetooth devices to be coupled with a smartphone. Find on this page our selection of the best PASS for lone worker protection.

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Lone worker alarm for lone worker protection regulations compliance

A lone worker is a person who does work out of sight or out of voice reach and who cannot be helped in a short time in case of an emergency or accident. It is an expression that encompasses many situations such as interventions in confined and / or isolated spaces, certain self-employed workers, professionals or operators working at night or on weekend shifts, etc.

Around the world regulations are put in place to guarantee lone worker safety. Oftentimes they are par of the labor code. Regulations declare that employers have to take the necessary measures to ensure workers safety and protection. These measures include: actions to prevent occupational risks, information and training, safe work organization and appropriate equipment. Compliancy sometimes also implies the use of a personal aler safety system: a lone worker alarm.

Lone worker alarm: the personal alert safety system (PASS)

A Lone worker alarm is protective equipment allowing its user to alert voluntarily and / or automatically in case of danger. Several types of alerts can be listed like for example verticality loss (fall), prolonged absence of movement (safety check) or action of the panic button.

There are many lone worker alarm models on the market, the most interesting ones being those with geolocation linked to a 24/7 surveillance service. It is indeed essential, in the event of a dangerous situation to be alerted as soon as possible and above all to be able to locate with precision where to intervene!

The connected and GPS tracked PASS lone worker application by Blackline Safety

Most of our personal alert safety systems PASS are GPS tracked and can be monitored internally by the security staff of a company for example (self-monitoring version) or by the 24/7 Blackline Safety center live monitoring the lone worker alarms of their brand.

Based on the situation and activity, the choice will focus on a lone worker app and device (liberal professions, freelancers, or night work workers for example), an ATEX personal alert safety system (for classified sites) up to a lone worker device that includes gas detection and walkie-talkie communication.