Self-contained breathing apparatus for short interventions - PAS Micro

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Easy to use and highly flexible, the PAS Micro self-contained breathing apparatus has been especially engineered for short interventions and emergency escape situations .This SCBA can also be connected to a supplied air system.

With its ergonomically designed harness, this short interventions SCBA perfectly fits in any shape of body for an optimal comfort of use and a reinforced safety. The backplate includes air supply hoses and a pressure reducer. Detailed description

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PAS Micro short interventions self-contained breathing apparatus

An SCBA with an ergonomic harness

The PAS Micro is ergonomically designed to follow the natural contours of the back, increasing user comfort and stability during use. The hose and pressure reducer have been integrated into the backplate, reducing the risk of snagging, protecting the pressure reducer and adding to the streamlined shape of the self-contained breathing apparatus set.

SCBA Compliant with the EN 137 standard

The PAS Micro SCBA harness has been constructed using an anti-static, flexible and robust material. It is fully machine washable and easy to maintain. Benefiting from a high resistance to abrasion and heat, this new harness meets the EN137 heat and flame resistance requirements.

PAS SOV automatic reverser for supplied air system connextion

The PAS SOV automatic reverser enables its user to connect compressed air respiratory devices to an external air supply such as a factory air network or a breathing air compressor.

In case of incident or interruption on the primary air source, the PAS SOV automatic reverser instantly switches the air supply to a spare source (compressed air cylinder). An alarm whistle warns the user when he or she is breathing air from the compressed air cylinder.

Short interventions PAS Micro SCBA assests

  • Compliant with the new EN 14593-pt.1 standard on reversers
  • Keeps positive pressure during the switch
  • Ensures overpressure = improved safety
  • Automatic system
  • Alert whistle

PAS Micro SCBA technical specifications

  • Max dimensions (L x H x W): 300 x 550 x 80 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to +70°C
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Cylinder input pressure : 200 or 300 bar
  • Airline input pressure: 6 to 9 bar
  • Nominal first stage output pressure: 7 bar
  • First stage output flow: > 600L/min
  • Airflow, on demand valve: > 400 L/min
  • Alarm pressure activation*:

    55 – 60 bar (serial EN 137)

    4 – 5 bar (optional EN 402)

  • Whistle sound level*: > 90 dBA

*Whistle for the EN402 unit located as an option on the Airline belt manifold.

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