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Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety offers modular, connected and geolocated safety and lone worker protection devices: lone worker alarms, distress signal units, devices for isolated workers, and portable gas detectors. This manufacturer puts the latest technologies in the service of safety: geolocated GPS tracking of workers and alerts, fleet management, live management on an online dashboard (Blackline Live cloud).

Blackline Safety equipment enables its carrier to be geotagged in real time and can immediately alert the safety manager in charge or the 24/7 dedicated alert management center during incidents.

The devices developed by the brand are flexible to adapt to the needs of the multiple applications in which they are used. The G7c, complete lone worker alert device allows real-time communication (walkie talkie) and has a wireless connection (2G / 3G Wireless for data management, GPS geolocation and updates) automatic or remote), powerful alarms and a long battery life. Thanks to its cartridge system, the G7c can be declined as a portable gas detector (one-gas or multi-gas version and with pump or diffusion mode).

The Blackline Safety devices available here for online purchase give you access to an unprecedented safety level.

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