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Personal alert safety system - Bodyguard 1000

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The Bodyguard 1000 is a personal distress signal unit (PASS) also known as "Man down detector". Designed to save lives by alerting the team when its carrier falls, remains motionless for a while or is in distress (panic button), the Bodyguard 1000 personal alert safety system emits clear and distinct signals and alarms to guarantee effective and fast hazard detection even in the worst intervention conditions. Detailed description

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Personal alert safety system - Distress signal unit PASS

The Bodyguard 1000 is a distress signal unit for lone workers (or personal alert sefety system PASS) more commonly known as "dead man's detector". It emits clear and distinct signals when its carrier is stationary or in distress, to guarantee fast intervention even in the worst conditions.

A simple personal alert safety system PASS distress signal unit

The Bodyguard 1000 PASS does not require regular maintenance; only replacement of the battery is required when necessary.

It works with the touch of a button to ensure easy use even when wearing gloves. After a 25 seconds period without movement and an additional 8 seconds without cancellation, the Bodyguard 1000 personal distress alarm emits a full directional alarm to facilitate the location of the person in distress.

Operating modes

The device offers two operating modes, button or key, for managing entry controls.

Recording incidents data

This personal distress alarm is equipped with a complete data logger functionality allowing the download of incident history using a RFID PC Link module and a Windows software.

Temperature control: Thermal alarm

The Bodyguard 1000 PASS is equipped with a thermal alarm activating when ambient temperature rapidly increases or exceeds predefined safety levels, thus making a hazardous environment for the user

Bodyguard 1000 distress signal unit technical specifications

  • Weight: 230 g (with batteries)
  • Dimensions (h x W x D): 100 x 70 x 40 mm
  • High frequency range: 2,900 (± 200) Hz
  • Pre-alarm: 86 - 102 Laeq, 6s dBA
  • Alarm: 102 - 112 Laeq, 30s dBA
  • Battery: CR123 Panasonic Lithium (2 batteries)
  • Autonomy: Minimum 12 months under normal use conditions
  • Certifications: EN 137: 2006 Type 2; BS 10999: 2010; ATEX I1M / II1GD Ex ia I / IIC T4

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