Strongly backed with more than 50 years experience, Honeywell Analytics is a world specialist in designing and producing fixed gas detection systems (fixed gas detectors, open path gas detectors, gas detection controllers) and optical flame detectors. Honeywell Analytics offers as well high-end enhanced detection systems using wireless technology.

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Honeywell fixed gas detectors

Globally well known for their high quality and outstanding reliability, products manufactured by Honeywell Analytics (flameproof detectors, combustible gas infrared detectors, toxic gas and/or rare gases detectors, asphyxiating gas detectors) are widely used in many applications. Indeed, these equipment can be found in petrochemical facilities and refineries, cogeneration plants, gas turbines and power plants, gas compression plants, production of specialized chemicals, industrial refrigeration, wastewater treatment and sanitation, production of plastics and fibers, paper pulps and printing industry, agriculture, industrial production processes… Moreover, most of these equipment are fully compliant with international certification standards.

Thanks to its patented Chemcassette® technology, Honeywell Analytics company is one of the major actors in the semiconductor technology sector for various applications. Moreover, the company developed gas detection solutions using infrared technologies like for example their open path gas detectors.

In addition to these detectors, Honeywell also design and produce a whole range of gas detection controllers. These controllers are available in single-channel or multichannel versions depending on the application and the installation. These gas detection controllers are specifically designed to provide the best management of alarms and actuators and for a remote follow up of information.

Optical flame detectors

As a key partner, Honeywell Analytics has been working with GazDetect from the beginning. GazDetect, French company, delivers Honeywell Analytics products (gas detection systems and optical flame detectors) worldwide and provides its own experience on establishing gas and flame detection best solutions (optical flame detectors, UV/IR or IR3 detectors). Flame detectors from Honeywell range are especially designed for various applications from the tertiary sector and industries using or producing combustible products, smoky environments as well as climatically difficult and harsh areas.

Honeywell, a long-standing partner for GazDetect

Thanks to an outstanding range of powerful equipment and a large network of qualified field technicians, GazDetect assists you all along your project, from the selection of the proper equipment up to its on-site implementation and its annual maintenance… With Honeywell, GazDetect offers gas and flame detection devices among the world most powerful equipment combining design reliability and high detection technologies to increase safety for operators and facilities.