Dräger PSS Airboss Self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters

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The ergonomic design of the PSS AirBoss self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighter significantly reduces the physical    fatigue  associated with wearing SCBAs.  Key features include height adjustment, a pivoting and sliding waist belt and an easily adjustable harness to fit any size user. Its durable construction offers light weight and a compact design while keeping the SCBA's center of gravity in an optimal position for better weight distribution.

The Dräger PSS AirBoss is one of the lightest respiratory protection devices for use by firefighters. Based on the experience of firefighters around the world and the latest technological innovations, it has been designed to minimize stress and fatigue and, at the same time, reduce air consumption. Detailed description


For even greater safety, the PSS AirBoss can be equipped with an electronic alarm unit with warning lights on the front and the back. In addition, the electronic alarm unit draws attention to danger by generating distinctive visual and audible alarms in case of immobility, low air level, high heat stress or activation of the manual distress signal.

In addition to the user's position, the indicator lights can also show the remaining pressure in the cylinder with different colored signals, and provide critical information to team members at a glance.

The demand valve hoses and pressure gauge can be carried over the left or right shoulder or at waist level, depending on the user's preference. The easy-to-connect regulator handwheel simplifies cylinder removal and installation.

The PSS AirBoss features large reflective stripes that enhance firefighter visibility and make it easier to locate team members in danger. Low absorption and water repellent, the harness materials soak up fewer contaminants. The simplified design that minimizes dirt, it is very easy to clean and machine washable, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Depending on your needs and the level of connectivity you choose, the PSS AirBoss firefighter self-contained breathing apparatus is available in 3 different configurations:

  • The PSS AirBoss Active, with mechanical pressure gauge, is the lightest and easiest to use. 
  • The PSS AirBoss Agile, with integrated electronic alarm unit, offers enhanced safety features. 
  • The PSS AirBoss Connect, with its advanced sensors and compatibility with the Dräger FireGround tracking system, provides full situational awareness.

Technical specifications of the SCBA PSS Airboss

PSS Airboss Active, Agile & Connect

  • Weight of the complete kit with Dräger FPS® 7000 mask, demand valve and 6.8 liter Dräger NANO cylinder: 10.5 kg
  • Inlet pressure: 0 - 300 bar 
  • Regulator outlet pressure rating: 7.5 bar
  • Regulator outlet flow rate: > 1000 l/min
  • Activation pressure of the pneumatic alarm: 50 - 60 bar
  • Sound level of the pneumatic alarm: > 90 dBA
  • Operating temperature: - 30 °C to +60 °C 
  • Certifications: NF EN137:2006 Type 2, BS-8468-1:2006 (CBRN standard)

PSS Airboss Active

  • Mechanical pressure gauge
  • High visibility surfaces
  • Lightweight design
  • Improved fit and comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Pivoting belt
  • Adjustable back plate
  • Pivoting and sliding belt

PSS Airboss Agile

  • Battery: 2 x CR123 lithium batteries / Bodyguard 1500: 2 x CR123 lithium batteries / Tx gauge
  • Intrinsic safety of the electronic monitoring system:
  • ATEX 94/9/EC M1/II 1G IIC T6 I M1/II 1GD
  • EEx ia I/IIC T4 (Ta = -30 °C to +60 °C)
  • Electronic pressure gauge
  • Integrated audible location beacon
    - Low pressure alarm
    - Immobility alarm
    - Thermal alarm
    - Manual distress alarm
    - Alert and status LEDs
    - Electronic warning alarms

PSS AirBoss Connect 

  • Battery: 5 x AA alkaline batteries Rechargeable NiMh battery pack
  • Intrinsic safety of the electronic monitoring system:
  • ATEX 94/9/CE M1/II 1G IIC T6 I M1/II 1GD
  • EEx ia I/IIC T4 (Ta = -30 °C to +60 °C)
  • Telemetry radio frequency: EU 869 MHz / UK 469 MHz 
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: NF EN 61000-6-2 
  • Radiation emissions: NF EN 50081-1
  • Numerical pressure gauge
  • Telemetric BSL
    - Calculation of the time remaining before alarm
    - 360° status and warning LEDs
    - Automated input control
    - Evacuation alarm
    - Base station and application FireGround required


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