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With its constant air flow, the Saver CF is an SCBA that has been especially designed as an emergency escape breathing apparatus for industrial sites or navy and sailing applications. Featuring an integrated pressure reducer, this constant flow EEBD is easy to don and activates automatically.

This emergency escape breathing apparatus is available with compressed air cylinders that can provide from 10 to 15 minutes of autonomy depending on the selected version. Detailed description

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Emergency escape breathing apparatus Saver CF

The Saver CF constant flow self-contained breathing apparatus has been especially designed as an emercency escape breathing apparatus for hazardous industrial or marine environments. Easy to don and automatic, this hooded device includes a constant flow breathing unit. Only a light training is required for use.

Emergency escape breathing apparatus with 10 or 15 minutes autonomy

This device features an integrated safety reducer with outstanding properties offering constant flow until the cylinder is empty. An alarm whistle alerts users in case of low capacity. This emergency escape breathing apparatus can be equipped with cylinders providing 10 or 15 minutes of air and is combined to a flameproof hood with a large field of view.

Standard or antistatic EEBD version for ATEX zone

Available either with a soft bag or a rigid fairing, the Saver CF can easily be installed on a wall or any strategic location in hazardous areas. Black antistatic or orange bags feature photo-luminescent signs and reflective strips to improve visibility even under low light conditions.

An EEBD hood that fits any morphology

The Saver CF is a very compact and lightweight breathing apparatus that can be worn on the shoulder or with a strap. It has been designed to suit people with glasses or beards and the hood provides excellent visibility. Once opened, it automatically activates and ensures a continuous breathing air supply to safely leave the hazardous area.

Compliant with current standards

The Saver CF is compliant with the NF EN 1146 (2005) standard and meets fire requirements from the Lloyd’s Register. It is also compliant with the SOLAS chapter II-2 approval requirements, the Directive on marine equipment, the Directive on under pressure equipment and the ISO 23269-1:2008 standard. Antistatic versions of this EEBD are also compliant with explosive atmosphere requirements (zone 0).

Low maintenance and high protection EEBD

The Safer CF emergency escape breathing appartus requires no particular maintenance. A transparent window on the soft bag or fairing lets you check the cylinder pressure gauge easily without unpacking the unit.

Dräger Saver CF technical specifications

  • Dimensions (l x L x h) : 260 x 510 x 190 mm
  • Cylinder operating pressure : 200 bar
  • Airflow to the hood : 35 à 37 l/min
  • Operating temperature range: -15 °C à +60 °C
  • Certifications:

    NF EN1146:2005, ISO 23269-1:2008,

    ISO 23269-4:2011, SOLAS chapter II-2, directive MED and directive on pressure equipment.

    Rigid fairings and antistatic soft bags are also compliant with requirements for operating in explosive atmosphere (ATEX zone 0).

    NF EN1146 (2005), ISO 23269-1:2008

Saver CF10 10 minutes autonomy soft bag version:

  • Autonomy : 10 minutes
  • Cylinder: 2 liters / 200 bar made of aluminum
  • Weight: 4.2 kg

Saver CF15 15 minutes autonomy soft bag version:

  • Autonomy : 15 minutes
  • Cylinder: 2 litres / 300 bar en acier
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
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