Gas mask respirators

A gas mask, or full face respirator is an air purifying respiratory protective unit – class 3 personal protective equipment (respiratory PPE) – that covers both the breathing tracts (nose and mouth) and the eyes. This system offers efficient protection against some toxic, irritating and/or corrosive substances. Like all air purifying (filtering) respiratory protection devices (full face mask, half mask, PAPRs), they can only be used in presence of a sufficient oxygen level - over 19%.

The panoramic gas mask - or full face respirator - is divided into two main categories: the single filter gas mask with universal 40mm filter thread (Rd40) offering a wide range of available filters, and the more practical dual filter gas mask with a better distributed load balance (filters) of the respirator.

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Single filter gas mask

These gas masks are equipped with only one respiratory protective filter. These personal protective equipment feature a universal DIN 40 millimeter thread, like half mask respirators. They are fully compatible with single filters. As full face respirators cover the entire face, they can be equipped with respirator cartridges that exceed 300 grams.

As they feature an universal thread – every major manufacturer of air purifying respirators proposes a RD DIN 40 filters (40 mm thread) range – we can offer a very large range of filtering cartridges against volatile organic compounds like acetone, perchlorethylene or ethylene oxide (AX filter) up to acids like nitric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid (B or E filters) and ammonia and its derivatives (K filter) or mercury (Hg filter).

Dual cartridge respirator

These respiratory protection full face respirators feature two filters. The dual filter system offers a perfect weight balance to the dual cartridge respirator. Filters are more flat, which provides an impression of lightness and a large field of view once properly adjusted.

This system offers a larger air purifying surface to half mask respirators and full face gas mask and reduces the breathing effort. This way, dual filter respirators are widely used for precision works, particularly for grinding or welding activities and in the phytosanitary sector where the use of this kind of personal protective equipment can be required.

How to select the proper respirator and gas mask filter

Our respirators (full face respirator, half mask respirator, single cartridge respirator and dual filter respirator) are available in several sizes in order to fit everyone. According to the model, materials differ in order to respond to the most demanding requests. They adapt to the user selection, enable compliance with regulation on adjustment tests and are all compliant with current european standards (EN136 to date).

As for any air purifying respiratory protective equipment, gas masks are only efficient in atmospheres with an oxygen rate above 19.5%.

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