Gas mask respirators

A gas mask is an air purifying respiratory protective equipment (class 3 PPE) which covers the respiratory tracts (nose and mouth) as well as the eyes, allowing protection against certain toxic, irritating and / or corrosive substances. Like all air purifying respirators, it can only be used in the presence of a sufficient oxygen level, over 19%. Respiratory protective masks come in two main categories:

Single-cartridge gas masks with Rd40 connection (universal DIN 40mm thread) with a wide filters range. Due to their universality - all major respiratory protective equipment brands offer RD 40mm filters - we have a very wide range of filter cartridges ranging from volatile organic compounds such as acetone, benzene or perchlorethylene (AX filter) up to acids such as sulfuric or hydrochloric acid (filters B or E), ammonia and its derivatives (K filter) or mercury (Hg filter).

Dual filter gas mask respirators with two filters. These dual filter devices have several interesting advantages: an excellent load balance (because filters's weight are better distributed) with a wider field of vision because the filters are positioned laterally on the side of the face. This two-filter system also has a larger filtration surface area, thus reducing respiratory effort. For these reasons, they are widely acclaimed for precision work, including grinding, welding, painting, etc.

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