Gas detection controller

The gas detection controller is the main element of a fixed gas detection installation. The gas sensors continuously monitor gas presence and send the measured concentrations to the controller unit as an electrical signal. The latter displays gas concentration in numerical value and when concentrations are abnormal, it triggers servo controls.

A gas detection controller allows continuous monitoring, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, against dangers linked to the presence of explosive gases (gas boilers and classified sites), toxic gases (industrial processes), asphyxiants (anoxia risks and presence of CO2), refrigerant gas leaks or any other process in the tertiary or industrial sector.

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Gas detection controller types and specifications

Gas detection controllers are gathered into two main categories: single-channel controllers and multichannel controllers. Even if they have the same purpose, their difference is related to the number of gas detectors and warning devices they can be linked to: a single-channel controller can only be linked to one or two fixed gas detectors and a multichannel gas detection controller can be linked to tens of detectors.

All our gas detection controllers are 4-20 mA or wheaststone bridge compatible with relay outputs for servo controls, and some - more sophisticated - have more specific digital communication protocols, such as RS485 ModBus or Ethernet (TCP / IP ).

Fixed gas detection system commissioning and management

All of our fixed gas detection controllers are fully compliant with current industrial standards and regulations and are available in several versions for tertiary (collective boiler rooms, parking lots, small and medium refrigerant installations) or industrial (production plants, oil riggers, SEVESO sites) applications.

For selected territories GazDetect also offers full management of your fixed gas detection project and its maintenance in order to ensure measurement accuracy. This way, we can assist you at any level: functional analysis, conception of electrical cabinets and boxes, on site installation and any gas related works such as gas installation purging, gas solenoid valve implementation or any other work on a gas line. Watch the video introducing our on site interventions