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Primarily dedicated to professionals and particularly disigned as a firefighter SCBA, the PSS 4000 self-contained breathing apparatus has been designed to be both lightweight and robust. Its ergonomic backplate includes air supply hoses for easy and convenient use. As it is highly resistant to heat and chemical products, the PSS 4000 offers its wearer a real breathing protective solution. Detailed description


Heavy duty self-contained breathing apparatus dedicated to professional firefighters

The PSS 4000 is a high performing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) primarily dedicated to professional firefighters. Combining comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, this SCBA is designed for applications where simplicity and ease of use are crucial. Lightweight yet robust, and easy to don, the PSS 4000 provides outstanding breathing protection.

Light, robust and comfortable

The PSS 4000 is one of the lightest professional self-contained breathing apparatus on the market. It features a new innovative backplate made of carbon fiber composite materials which provide outstanding thermal, impact and chemical resistance properties. The professional carrying system of the harness follows the natural contours of the body, improving stability and reducing back strain, stress and fatigue.

Integrated hoses for improved mobility

The PSS 4000 SCBA offers high-end breathing protection technology. The medium pressure air supply and gauge hoses are completely integrated into the carrying-frame in order to reduce the risk of snagging and potential entanglement. An additional benefit is the ability to re-route the hoses from one side to the other in order to suit the user’s preferences for gauge access.

Wireless PASS option

  • The Bodyguard 1500 distress unit: this motionless detector generates visual and acoustic alert signals if the user is motionless, running out of air or exposed to extreme heat. The system also provides wireless data transmission between the alarm unit and other monitoring devices.
  • The Tx electronic manometer: the backlit Tx Gauge wirelessly transmits its pressure data to the Bodyguard 1500 and also to the FPS 7000 Head-Up-Display (HUD) if it’s being used. This feature provides automatic visual notification from the Tx Gauge and acoustic notification from the PASS when the air supply drops below user-defined limits.

Dräger firefighter SCBA PSS 4000 available options

  • Steel, carbon composite or Kevlar cylinders
  • Large choice of lung demand valves
  • Electronic voice communications
  • Secondary air supply hose connections for rescue
  • FPS 7000 Head-up Display (HDU)
  • Fast charge option
  • Twin cylinder configuration

Dräger PSS 4000 technical specifications

  • Weight (backplate and harness): 3.0 kg
  • Dimensions in mm (H x L x D): 590 x 290 x 160 mm
  • Inlet pressure: 0 – 300 bar
  • Reducer outlet nominal pressure: 7.5 bar
  • Reducer outlet flow: > 1,000 L/min
  • Demand valve outlet flow: > 400 L/min
  • Whistle activation pressure: 50 – 60 bar
  • Certifications: self-contained breathing apparatus EN 137 2006 Type 2
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