Gastec is a Japanese manufacturer well known for producing colorimetric gas detection tubes. They offer a very large range of more than 600 gas detector tube references. These equipment are especially designed to accurately measure common gases as well as gases that do date cannot be detected with a classic gas detector. They can be delivered within 3 to 5 days.

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Colorimetric gas detection tubes

Colorimetricc gas detection tubes are instant value measuring devices. They are thus particularly well suited for one-off measurements. With almost 500 available different references, they offer a particularly appropriate solution when there is no classic gas detector, for rare substances or specific measuring ranges. Easy to use, cost-effective and accurate, Gastec tubes are widely used in industrial environments to detect the presence of chemical vapors or toxic gases.

Dosimeter tubes:

Dosimeter tubes – also known as dosimetric detector tubes or dosi-tubes – operate quite differently. They are a time-weighted average measurement system (TWA) that monitors the average exposure to a gas on a defined period (usually 8 hours on a working day basis). At the end of the day, the average exposure value can be read on the tube in order to get an accurate readout of concentrations inhaled for some substances during a whole day. These dosimeter tubes are mainly used in the industry to measure exposure to exhaust gases or formaldehyde in paint workshops. They are also more and more used in the tertiary sector to analyze indoor air quality.

Accessories for Gastec tubes:

With the wich to daily increase safety, Gastec proposes many gas detector tubes related accessories. This range includes for example pyrolyzers that can thermally decompose refrigerant gases (freon) in order to accurately measure them. They also offer automatic sampling pumps for STEL and TWA measurements. Lastly, Gastec is the world first company to propose an analysis kit for compressed air filled in breathing air cylinders. This kit is composed by tubes that monitor major harmful substances in cylinders in order to ensure the air quality.

Gastec tubes recycling:

Concerned with climate and environmental compliance, Gasted developed easy to recycle gas detector tubes. This way, once a tube is used or expired, it shall be plunged into a huge volume of water for several hours (no more than 20 tubes for 5 liters of water) in order to dilute their chemical reagent. As concentrations of these chemical agents are very low, water can then be sewered and the tubes recycled as any other glass waste without threatening humans or environment.