Dräger simultaneous test kits - Semi-quantitative gas measurement

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The Dräger simultaneous test kits for semi-quantitative measurement of gases consist of tubes parallel arranged in a rubber sleeve. The to be tested air is transferred simultaneously to all the tubes via the Accuro manual pump or the X-act 5000 automatic pump.

They are used for hazard assessment, to obtain information about health risks and potential poisoning dangers. The concentration of the to be measured gases can be read thanks to tube markings, ranging from "harmless" to "extremely dangerous". Detailed description

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Dräger simultaneous test for fire and decomposition gases

For dangers evaluation or their limitation, the measurements are carried out by means of two tests (simultaneous test kits I and II), one after the other. During an analysis of more than 450 substances, results indicated the formation of 11 primary inorganic fire gases and decomposition gases in a fire. The following multiple measurement devices have been developed for 10 of these fire and decomposition gases. The eleventh gas is phosphorus hydrogen, which is generally found during fertilizer fires or in connection with pesticides. In these cases, an additional measurement is made with the 0.01 / a phosphorus hydrogen test tube.

Solvents or other organic vapors may be involved in accidents with hazardous products. The simultaneous test kit III for organic vapors has been developed for these cases. It indicates ketones, aromatics, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Dräger fumigation gas simultaneous test kit

Fumigation products are highly toxic and dangerous to health in general. This is why, before opening a container, it is necessary to check with suitable measuring instruments, whether fumigation products have been used and if so which ones. Do not forget to also measure oxygen concentration. In fact, used inert gases drive out air, and therefore oxygen from the air, and thus cause a very dangerous asphyxiation risk due to lack of oxygen. Depending on the application area​​, various fumigation products or other substances are used. For sterilization and disinfection in the medical field, eg ethylene oxide and formaldehyde are used, to which ammonia is added for neutralization.

When the fumigation product is known, the corresponding Dräger tube is chosen to carry out the measurement. Depending on the indicated concentration, you can enter the room or open the container. If the measurement concentration is still too high, we ventilate and then carry out new measurement, before giving permission to enter the room or container. Fumigation products measurement in containers should only be performed on a still closed container.

If the fumigation product used is not known, it is recommended to use the fumigation simultaneous test kits to determine the used fumigation product. When one or more gases are indicated by the simultaneous test, the container is rinsed with air before opening and gases concentrations in question are again checked using individual tubes.

Dräger simultaneous test kits specifications

Dräger simultaneous test for fire and decomposition gases

NameReferenceTubesMark 1Mark 2
Simultaneous test I
(inorganic vapors)
81 01 7351. Acid gas (hydrochloric acid)2 ppm25 ppm
2. Hydrocyanic acid10 ppm50 ppm
3. Carbon monoxide30 ppm150 ppm
4. Basic gases (Ammonia)50 ppm250 ppm
5. Nitrous vapors (Nitrogen dioxide)5 ppm25 ppm
Simultaneous test II
(inorganic vapors)
81 01 7361. Sulphur dioxide-10 ppm
2. Chlorine-2.5 ppm
3. Hydrogen sulfide10 ppm50 ppm
4. Phosphorus hydrogen-0.3 ppm
5. Phosgene-0.5 ppm
Simultaneous test III
(organic vapors)
81 01 7701. Ketone (Acetone)1000 ppm5000 ppm
2. Aromatic compounds (Toluene)100 ppm500 ppm
3. Alcohols (Methanol)200 ppm1000 ppm
4. Alphatic compounds (n-Hexane)50 ppm100 ppm
5. Chlorinated hydrocarbons (Perchlorethtlene)50 ppm100 ppm
Conductive compounds 10/0181 03 1701. Carbon monoxide33 ppm
2. Hydrocyanic acid5.4 ppm
3. Hydrochloric acid10 ppm
4. Nitrous vapors8.2 ppm
5. Formaldehyde1 ppm

Dräger fumigation simultaneous test kit

NameReferenceTubesMark 1
Fumigation simultaneous test I81 03 4101. Formaldehyde1 ppm
2. Phosphorus hydrogen0.1 ppm
3. Hydrocyanic acid10 ppm
4. Methyl bromide5 ppm
5. Ammonia50 ppm
Fumigation simultaneous test II81 03 380 1. Formaldehyde1 ppm
2. Phosphorus hydrogen0.3 ppm
3. Hydrocyanic acid10 ppm
4. Methyl bromide0.5 ppm
5. Ethylene oxide1 ppm

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