Portable 4 gas detector - Combustible, O2, CO, H2S - X-am 2500

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The Dräger X-am 2500 4 gas detector is specially designed for personal protection. It is a very versatile portable ATEX gas detector that can be found mainly in confined space (CATEC), in sanitation, in steel and more generally in applications in presence of explosive gases (% LEL), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or oxygen (O2).

Small and compact, the X-am 2500 4-gas detector offers economical protection against atmospheric hazards. This 4 gas monitor’s reliable and widely proven measurement technology, the longevity of its sensors and its ease of use guarantee a high level of security and very low operating costs. Detailed description

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The prime portable 4 gas detector

The Dräger X-am 2500 portable 4 gas detector has been especially designed to monitor combustible gases and vapors, O2, CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2. Reliable and proven detection technology, sensor long shelf life and ease of use ensure high safely level and very low operating costs for this device.

Ex sensor resistant to poisoning

The Ex catalytic sensor of this 4 gas monitor features an excellent resistance against silicon and hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Combined with its high stability, this catalytic gas sensor has an outstanding long-lasting shelf life of more than 4 years.

Long-lasting electrochemical sensors

Enhanced and powerful XXS sensors for CO, H2S, O2, SO2 and NO2 enable safe use in the industry and refineries. The lead-free oxygen sensor – like the CO and H2S sensors – features a particularly long shelf life, making this 4 gas detector notably reliable with low operating costs.

The Dräger X-am 2500 4 gas detector with an ergonomic and robust design

The X-am 2500 offers high comfort thanks to its low weight and ergonomic design. An integrated rubber protection combined with shock-resistant sensors provide reinforced safety. This device is resistant to water and dust in compliance with the IP 67 class, which makes it operational even after being immersed in water.

Maximum safety

The X-am 2500 is Ex zone 0 certified. Providing high safety in areas subject to explosion hazard to its user. Thanks to its practical design, gas can enter the unit from above and from the front even if the instrument is inside a pocket or if a gas entry is accidentally covered.

Diffusion or pump mode

For this portable 4 ga smonitor, An optional external pump with a hose up to 30 meters long is available for the X-am 2500 4 gas monitor. This gas sampling pump is an ideal solution for remote sample measurements in tanks or pits or to detect leaks. The pump automatically starts when the gas monitor is turned on. Switching from diffusion to pump mode is done in a simple operation that can be handled quickly and easily without any tool.

Dräger X-am 2500 4 gas monitor technical specifications

  • Measuring range:
    Combustible gases: from 0 to 100% LEL in 1% increment
    Oxygen (O2): from 0 to 30% vol. in 0.1% increment
    Carbon monoxide (CO): from 0 to 2,000 ppm in 1 ppm increment
    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S): from 0 to 500 ppm in 0.1ppm increment
  • Alarms:
    360° ultra-bright indicators, 90 db sounder at 30cm, vibrating alarm
  • Dimensions
    L x H x P: 48 x 130 x 44 mm
    Poids 220/250 g
  • Ambient conditions:
    - Protection ingress: IP 67
    - Temperature -20 to +50 °C
    - Relative humidity 10 to 95 % HR
  • Autonomy :
    > 12 h to 13 h with NiMH batteries
    Charging time < 4 h
  • Data logger :
    Data retrievable using an infrared interface > 1000 hours for 4 gases. Recording interval: 1 value per minute
  • Certifications :
    ATEX :
    M1 Ex ia I Ma, II 1G Ex ia IIC T3 Ga, I M2 • Ex d ia I Mb •
    II 2G Ex d ia IIC T4/T3 Gb
    CSA (Canada & USA) :
    Class I Div. 1 Group A, B, C, D T4/T3 •
    A/Ex ia IIC T3 /Ga • A/Ex d ia IIC T4/ T3 /Gb
    IECEx Ex ia I Ma :
    Ex ia IIC T3 Ga • Ex d ia I Mb • Ex d ia IIC T4/ T3 Gb
    Marquage CE :
    ATEX Directive 94/9/CE
    MED Marine Equipement Directive 96/98/CE
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