Half mask respirators

The half gas mask constitutes the first degree of filtering respiratory protection. It is a light device, since it covers only the respiratory tract (nose and mouth) and can be worn easily without causing discomfort to its wearer. Once adjusted and associated with a filter cartridge, a half mask respirator offers effective respiratory protection against toxic vapors and gases (non-irritating to the eyes), dust and solid or liquid particles (aerosols).

The single-filter half gas mask model has the advantage of having a universal RD DIN 40 connection - 40 mm thread - so it is compatible with all EN136 filters offering a wider choice of cartridges and brands. The twin-filter half mask respirator model is flatter and provides excellent load balance, perfect for precision work. All our respiratory protection filters are marked "R" for reusable, only against the same substance, and are compliant with the latest standards in force.

A half gas mask is a personal protective equipment with an excellent quality / price ratio, particularly suitable for applications only requiring respiratory protection, especially in construction (sanding, cement, plaster and even asbestos level 1), in phytosanitary treatment or paint spraying when it is not irritating to the eyes, etc. Like all air purifying respiratory protection, it cannot be used if the oxygen rate in ambient air is less than 19.5% of the volume.

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