Half mask respirators

The half mask respirator of half gas mask is the first level of filtering respiratory protection. Once adjusted and associated with a filter cartridge, it offers effective respiratory protection against toxic vapors and gases (not irritating to the eyes), dust, solid and fine particles. It is a personal protective equipment of excellent money value.

The use of a half mask respirator is ideal for applications requiring respiratory protection alone, in particular in the construction industry (sanding, cement, plaster and even asbestos level 1), in phytosanitary treatment or paint spraying, etc.

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The half mask respirator for respiratory protection

A half mask respirator is a very light device, since it only covers the respiratory tract (nose and mouth). It can therefore be worn without causing discomfort to its user. A single-filter half-mask respirator has the advantage of having a universal RD DIN 40 connection (40 mm thread filter). A dual-filter half mask respirator is flatter and allows excellent load balance and is perfect for precision work. All our respiratory protection filters are marked "R" for reusable (only against the same substance), and are compliant with the latest standards.

Because it is a filtering respiratory protection, a half mask respirator cannot be used when oxygen rate in ambient air is less than 19.5% volume.

Half mask respirator filters

Because half mask respirators only cover the respiratory tracts, the eyes are not being protected and use against irritant gases is to be avoided. However, this type of respirators can be used in a very large number of applications depending on the selected filter and provided that the filter cartridge does not exceed 300 grams.

Half mask particle filter (P3)

Protection against solid and liquid particles, radioactive and highly toxic particles, bacteria and viruses (asbestos, ceramic fibers, lead, flu viruses such as avian flu, A / H1N1 flu, SARS, etc.)

Half mask gas filter (A2, AX, B2, E2, K2)

Protection against organic gases and vapors such as solvents with a boiling point over 65 ° C, inorganic gases and vapors such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, acid gases and vapors, such as as sulfur dioxide or ammonia and organic derivatives.

Half mask combined filter (ABEK1-P3)

Few combined filters are compatible with half masks because very often gas + particle filter cartridges weigh more than 300 grams. Those who can fit half respirators will be less efficient in gas filtration like the ABEK1-P3 filter cartridges (level 1 of gas filtration against a level 2). In level 2 gas protection we will still have A2-P3 filter cartridges (mainly phytosanitary sector).

Half escape mask (emergency evacuation device)

The half escape mask is intended for emergency evacuations. It consists of the half mask itself (or a mouthpiece), a nose clip and a specific respiratory protection filter (usually ABEK2 filter). The half mask escape respirator is therefore effective for protection against organic, inorganic (with the exception of carbon monoxide), acids, sulfur and ammoniacal compounds.