Moulded FFP3 dust mask with valve - X-plore 1330 V

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The X-plore 1330 V FFP3 dust mask is a new generation moulded disposable mask with a valve that provides effective protection against fine dust, solid or liquid particles. With almost zero weight, it has an exhalation valve for better breathing comfort.

Intended for use in situations where exposure to dust is unavoidable, it is particularly popular for work generating fine (ceramic, asbestos level1, cement), spray applications, viruses (avian flu, H1N1, coronavirus) and bacteria. Detailed description

Moulded FFP3 dust mask

  • Highest level of air purifying performance (very high protection against very fine particles)
  • Professional high performance range
  • Equipped with CoolMAX ™ exhalation valve
  • 99.97% aerosols filtration

X-Plore 1330 V FFP3 disposable mask with valve

The FFP3 dust mask with valve X-plore 1330 V belongs to the new generation of anti-particle filter masks which offer effective protection against fine dust, solids and liquids generated during work carried out in industry, crafts, agriculture and offers personal protection against viruses (H1N1, coronavirus, avian flu) or bacteria. The FFP3 protection class is the most effective in terms of filtration and therefore to be preferred for all work generating very fine particles or aerosols.

The specially developed CoolSAFE filter material combines different air purifying media with high filtration performance and several filter layers that limit respiratory resistance, while ensuring optimal filtration.

The CoolMAX exhalation valve evacuates hot and humid exhaled air, preventing build-up heat and condensation under the mask thus allowing the user to stay in a cool and healthy environment.

FFP3 disposable dust mask applications

Activity sector Activity Type of particles
Woodworking Wood coloring (dye containing copper or chromium) Fine mist of paint or varnish
Sandblasting, grinding Paint (containing chromium) Paint particles
Construction, mining Zinc, aluminum, stainless steel Manual arc welding Aluminum oxide fumes
Construction, mining Stainless steel Metallurgical oxide fumes
Construction, mining Manual arc welding Sparks, smoke
Construction / demolition Building Concrete, plaster, rock wool and tiles dust
Waste disposal Dust and very fine particles Asbestos (level 1), Dust, mushroom spores
Waste disposal Medical waste Bacteria, fungal spores
Epidemics Individual protection Viruses (avian flu, H1N1, coronavirus), bacteria
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