Partner brands for gas detection and respiratory protection

Ever attentive to offering the most appropriate equipment in the field of safety at work, distributes the major brands. These companies design and produce high quality devices in compliance with the most demanding standards and regulations in order to stay on top of the safety standards.


As a specialist of respiratory protection and gas and flame detection, 3M is one of the world’s leading companies for protecting workers. Well-known for their high quality and reliability, 3M products are used in many industrial and tertiary applications.

Air Products

As the global leader for calibration gas cylinder production, Air Products provides standard or tailor-made calibration gases in order to meet the most common needs or for the most demanding field of activities.


Bacharach specializes in measuring and controlling gas equipment, and is particularly well-known for the production of refrigerant gas leak detectors for industrial sectors as well as for domestic use in dwellings and public spaces.

Blackline Safety

Manufacturer of personal protection devices that are modular (personal alert system, lone worker protection, single-gas detectors and up to 5 gases monitors), connected (2G / 3G), and geolocated, Blackline Safety brings the latest technologies to lone workers and gas hazards protection equipment to upgrade worker’s safety level.


The German brand Dräger is a global leading company for medical and safety technologies. Dräger offers efficient and reliable solutions on respiratory protection and gas detection as well as drugs and alcohol detection for professionals and individuals.


We offer colorimetric gas detection tubes from the Japanese manufacturer Gastec whom European depot ensures fast delivery. With more than 600 available references, this equipment is well-suited for one-off measures in almost any area of activity. Many accessories are also available to improve the performances of gas detection tubes. 


Specializing in filtration solutions for many industries, GVS produces high quality filter respirators.

Honeywell Analytics

With over half a century of experience, Honeywell Analytics became one of the major brands in the field of fixed gas detection and flame detection. Devices designed and produced by this company ensure reliability and safety for years.

Industrial Scientific

Also known as ISC, Industrial Scientific is the global leader for portable gas detection. Thanks to their large range of gas detectors (single-gas, multi gas or area gas monitors), they can provide safety to thousands of operators working in many activity sectors.


Neofeu, French manufacturer of fall protection equipment: safety harness (or fall arrest harness), safety tripods, cable reels or self-retracting, anchor points, support lanyards, safety lines, energy absorbers, lifting winches, etc ...


Backed with more than one hundred years of experience, Oldham established itself as a global leader for fixed gas detection and flame detection. Based in Arras, France, Oldham is well known for producing high-quality and reliable gas detection controllers and gas detectors. Their products are used in many activity fields.

Scott Safety

Scott Safety is one of the key actors on air-purifying and air-supplying respiratory protection. Products designed by Scott Safety ensure high quality every day protection for millions of operators working in the harshest environments.


A new brand of gas detection equipment, WatchGas offers easy-to-use devices that are precise, efficient and offer an incomparable quality / price ratio. The WatchGas range extends from the disposable gas detector to the fixed VOC detector.