Gas detector rental

Purchasing a portable gas detector is not always a relevant solution. Indeed, for punctual needs or emergency situations, portable gas detector rental is oftentimes more benefic. No purchase of new devices is required and there is no additional cost for maintenance and servicing. The gas detection budget is totally fixed and avoids nasty surprises. SafetyGas offers gas detection equipment rental services in selected territories.

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A reactive service that ships gas detectors and area gas monitors within 24 to 48 hours

Our gas detection rental service stores a large fleet of portable gas detectors and area gas monitors available in stock to meet the most urgent needs like 4 gas monitor rental. Our very reactive logistics service can deliver within 24 to 48 hours any rental request. All of our devices are primarily checked before shipping in order to ensure that they are ready to use and reliable.

Our portable gas detectors and area gas monitors are delivered fully charged with their instruction manual and calibration certificate up to date and valid for the whole rental period. With your gas detector rental, you will receive ready to use, calibrated and operating equipment for any maintenance work, soil decontamination, site securing or technical downtime.

Weekly, monthly or long-term air monitoring equipment rental

Two different rental types are available: weekly rental and monthly rental. These 2 rental types are designed to meet any request with the possibility to renew the rental period. The rental cost is only linked to the contract duration which avoids nasty surprises. Long-term contracts upon one or several years are also available. They feature many assets compared to purchasing devices. No need to worry about calibration gas cylinders or periodical checkings that are time-consuming. For further information, feel free to watch our

video introducing our rental service.

Hire wireless area gas monitors and gas detectors

Available for your gas detector rental, the LENS™ Wireless technology is a new way to secure a site. Thanks to this solution, once an area gas monitor or a gas detector triggers its alarm following a gas hazard, a man down signal or a panic situation, every device connected to the group will instantly get informed about the danger.

The wireless technology between devices allows communication between personal gas detectors and area gas monitors. Devices can also share alarm events in case of gas hazards. This way, everyone equipped with a wireless connected device will get real-time alerts and the decision chain is reduced to allow faster and safer intervention in dangerous situations.

Learn more about the LENS™ Wireless technology