Respiratory protection and gas detection catalogs

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Gas detection catalog 

Gas detection catalog

Our entire selection of gas detection equipment, whether fixed or portable detection, colorimetric reagent tubes, or standard gas cylinders for calibration, is high-performance and innovative. All our equipment covers a broad range of explosive, toxic, asphyxiating gases and most volatile organic compounds.



Portable gas detectors catalog 

Portable gas detectors catalog

Our entire selection of gas detection devices: disposable gas detectors, portable single and multi gas gas detectors, area gas monitors, breathalyzers and drug tests. All of this equipment covers a very wide range of explosive, toxic, asphyxiating gases, and most volatile organic compounds.


Gastec tubes catalog

Gastec tubes catalog

With more than 600 references, Gastec tubes offer a very wide range of detected substances over different measurement ranges. Inexpensive and easy to use, Gastec tubes are available in different versions such as colorimetric tubes with manual or automatic sampling pumps, dosimeter tubes and a whole range of tubes for refrigerants (with pyrolyzer).


Dräger tubes catalog

Dräger tube catalog

World reference in colorimetric reagent tubes with more than 100 million sold in ten years, Dräger tubes offer a wide range of precise and innovative solutions: over 200 reagent tubes references with automatic or manual pump, simultaneous test kits for semi-quantitative gas research, diffusion tubes (dosimeter tubes), opto-electronic gas analyzers in ppb and quality control systems for compressed breathing air.


GazDetect fixed gas detectors catalog


Fixed gas detectors catalog

With a wide range of available technologies (catalytic, electrochemical, infrared, semiconductor or photoionization lamp cells) our selection of fixed gas detectors cover most explosive, toxicity or anoxia risks encountered in industrial environments. Gas detection controllers and numerous accessories (sound and / or light signals, cable glands, ATEX junction boxes, etc.) complete our fixed gas detectors.

Calibration gas catalog


Calibration gas cylinders catalog

Our selection of standard calibration gas cylinders as well as their accessories (flow regulators, transport bags and recycling tool) for gas bump tests or portable and fixed gas detectors calibration. Available in 34, 58, or 110 liter bottles, these high precision binary, complex and multiple mixtures (gravimetric mixing up to 6 gases) comply with the ISO6142 standard.


Personal Protective Equipment category 3 catalog


Category 3 PPE Catalog

Discover our full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for respiratory protection, from powered air purifying to breathing air quality analysis. Discover our various chemical protection suits covering a maximum number of applications, as well as fall arrest protection for work at height.


GazDetect respiratory protection catalog


Respiratory protection catalog

Find all of our respiratory protection equipment as well as a presentation of our laboratory and on-site inspection and maintenance services. Complete selection of equipment suitable for all uses: filtering respiratory protection (gas masks, powered air purifying respirators, and filters), self-contained and supplied air respirators (SCBA, masks and SARs, breathing air carts, etc.), evacuation solutions (self-rescuer masks, escape masks, PTI), and fire-fighting helmets.


GazDetect respiratory protection catalog


Hazmat suits

3 class PPE hazmat suits (protection against severe and lethal hazards) are recommended to protect oneself against serious and hazardous risks posed by dangerous substances in various forms (gases, liquid splashes, aerosols, biological or bacteriological substances, solid or radioactive particles).


GazDetect respiratory protection catalog


Fall protection

Discover our entire selection of fall protection equipment for work at height, all of which comply with current European standards and legislation. A wide range of harnesses, from standard to full-featured models, different connection lanyards and absorption systems, as well as a choice of anchorage points, are waiting for you in this catalogue.



Refrigerant gas detection practical guide

In this guide, find all the information, technical solutions and equipment for refrigerating gas detection and monitoring.