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Based in Arras, Northern France, Oldham is a French company specialized in designing gas detection devices. This company is a subsidiary of 3M Gas & Flame Detection, one of the leading companies in the field of safety at work. Strongly backed with more than 100 years of experience in this area, Oldham develops products that are used worldwide for their quality and high reliability. Companies from all continents trust Oldham for their gas monitoring systems and optical flame detection.

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Oldham fixed gas detectors

Oldham offers a very large range of fixed gas detectors in order to meet any specific requirements of many different sectors and fields of activities. As they are experts in gas detection sensor technologies, Oldham can offer solutions to any type of gas: toxic, combustible, corrosive, asphyxiating and even the VOC (volatile organic compounds). This huge diversity of products can also be found in the category of gas detection controllers as Oldham also produces single-channel and multichannel controllers.

Gas detection controllers

Especially designed to manage fixed gas detectors, gas detection controllers are made to ensure a complete protection (24 hours a day) against gas hazards. They feature alarm relays to control alarms (audible and/or visual signals) and actuators (gas solenoid valves, main LV board shutdown, forced ventilation…) in order to fin de secure an area. These controllers are available in several versions (single-channel or multichannel) in order to fit in any installation and to cover any application.

Oldham optical flame detectors

In addition to the classic gas detection equipment, Oldham offers more specific devices such as open path gas detectors or optical flame detectors which performance and ruggedness have been well proven.

Optical flame detectors produced by Oldham are divided into 4 sensor categories: UV that analyze radiations, IR sensitive to CO2 radiation, UV/IR which is a combination of the two previous technologies and IR3 to avoid solar radiations interferences. Thanks to these different flame detection technologies, Oldham optical flame detectors fit in any activity zone with efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

BM25 area gas monitor

In addition to fixed gas detection systems, Oldham designs and produces the BM25 area gas monitor. This small device has been especially engineered to be carried in any site. This is the most popular and the world most used area gas monitor. This gas detection device is widely used in oil and gas industries but also for sanitation applications, wastewater treatment and public works.