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Multichannel gas detection controller - MX43

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Multichannel gas detection controller with 4 or 8 measuring channels (up to 32 detectors) in order to detect presence in the atmosphere of combustible, toxic or asphyxiating gases and more broadly any 4-20 mA or logical linear signal. Detailed description

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The MX43 is an 8-channel analog gas detection controller designed for monitoring gases present in the atmosphere (explosive, toxic or asphyxiating). It is also engineerd to manage any 4-20 mA or all-or-nothing signal.

Thanks to its digital technology, the MX43 can be connected up to 32 detectors on its 8 channels, reducing wiring costs.

Very easy configuration and operation are performed with a keyboard placed closed to the large backlit screen.

Thanks to many smart options (flashing light + on-bord siren, internal battery backup, logical input module, measurement report module…) the MX43 gas detection controller is technically and cost-effectively the ideal solution for many gas detection applications.


8-channel gas detection controller (max. 32 detectors)

LCD graphic back-lit display:

• Display in video inverse in case of fault
• Customizable by user
• Bar graph with alarm threshold


• wall-mounted version: 370x299x109 mm
• rack version: 482,8x177x19.,5 mm (19», 4U)

Ingress protection: IP55 (wall-mounted), IP31 (rack)

Power: 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz or 21-28 Vcc, 112 W max

Consumption: 500 mA min (without module)

Battery: Embedded back up power supply in option (0.6 Ah)

Communication: RS 485, proprietary protocol, 9600 Baud


• 5 alarm levels per channel (A1, A2, A3, Overscale, Underscale) + Fault
• Programmable thresholds: On instantenous or averaged values, rising or falling alarms, manual or automatic acknowledgement

On-board relays:

• 5 fully programmable alarm relays
• 1 fault relay (non-configurable)
• Dry contact relay


EMC according to EN50270
ATEX EN50271 and metrological performances according to EN60079-29-1
DBT according to EN61010
CSA pending


More Information
Technical specifications
  • Centrale de détection gaz 8 voies (32 détecteurs maximum)
  • Afficheur LCD graphique rétro éclairé :

• Passage en vidéo inverse en cas d’alarme
• Ecran personnalisable par l’utilisateur
• Barographe avec indication des seuils d’alarmes

  • Dimensions :

• en coffret mural 370*299*109 mm
• en rack 482,8*177*192,5 mm (19», 4U)

  • Degré de protection : IP55 (murale), IP31 (rack)
  • Alimentation : 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz ou 21-28 Vcc, 112 W max
  • Consommation électrique : 500 mA min (sans module)
  • Batterie : en option, capacité 0,6 A/h
  • Communication : RS 485, protocole propriétaire, 9600 Baud
  • Alarmes :

• 5 niveaux d’alarme / voie (Al1, Al2, Al3, echelle basse, echelle
haute) + Défaut
• Programmation Sur valeur instantanée ou moyennée, par
valeur croissante ou décroissante, à réarmement manuel ou

  • Relais :

• 5 relais d’alarmes entièrement programmables
• 1 relais de défaut (non programmable)
• Contact sec libre de potentiel

  • Homologations :

CEM Suivant EN50270
ATEX EN50271 et performances métrologiques selon EN60079-29-1
DBT Suivant EN61010
CSA En cours


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