Infrared fixed gas detector for hydrocarbons or CO2 - Simtronics GD10P

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The GD10P infrared gas detector has been designed to respond effectively to gas risks in very difficult environments such as offshore drilling platforms. It differs from other IR absorption transmitters on the market thanks to the use of a semiconductor infrared source giving it unmatched stability and exceptional lifespan.

Available in as an hydrocarbon or CO2 (carbon dioxide) fixed detector, the Simtronics GD10P (Now Oldham Teledyne) is the benchmark for infrared gas detection. Detailed description

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The GD10P infrared gas detector

The GD10P infrared gas detector has a very solid optical unit providing the fixed gas detector with unequaled stability, a very fast response time and an exceptional lifetime considerably reducing operating costs.
  • 5-year total warranty - 15-year semi-conductor infrared source (Simtronics patent)
  • Response time T90 <1.5s
  • SIL2 certified (SIL3 software)
  • Automatic optical fouling compensation
  • Almost zero maintenance

Advantages of infrared technology

  • Oxygen presence is not necessary for measurements, the GD10P infrared fixed gas detector can therefore be used in an inert atmosphere.
  • No poisoning risk from silicone or H2S vapors unlike other (catalytic) technologies
  • No saturation effect, so no false measurements: the fixed IR detector is able to monitor gas concentrations up to 100% vol.
  • The detector has a continuous self-test function and reports dirty optics or malfunctions to the control system.
  • Gas flow has no influence on measurement accuracy
  • Due to its reliability, the GD10P requires only few functional tests and no special maintenance on site during its entire lifetime, considerably reducing maintenance costs.

The Simtronics GD10P infrared gas detector

Explosive combustible gas detectors (natural gas, LPG, hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols) represent the vast majority of gas detection in the petrochemical sector where the infrared technology is preferred. Also the Simtronics GD10P fixed infrared gas detector is one of the best compromises on the market with its IR semiconductor technology giving it unmatched stability and exceptional lifetime.

GD10P technical specifications

  • Detected gases: Hydrocarbon vapors (several versions) and CO2
  • Detection principle: IR absorption, double wavelength, double beam - Semiconductor IR source
  • Self-test: Continuous
  • Calibration: initial manufacture, no recalibration on site
  • Accuracy:
    ± 3% of full scale between 0 and 50%
    ± 5% of full scale between 50 and 100%
  • Response time T20 = 1 sec. / T50 = 2.5 sec. / T90 = 6 sec.
  • 24 VDC power supply (18-32 VDC) - Consumption around 3.5 W
  • Output signals: Current generator 4-20 mA, load impedance max. 500 Ohm (optional 4-20 mA current sink)
  • Environment: Humidity 100% RH
  • Case: Ex d IIC T6 Gb / Ex connection Protection IP66 / IP67 DIN 40050
  • Material: SIS2343 stainless steel (ASTM 316)
  • Dimensions 264 x 104 x 106 mm (L, W, H)
  • Weight Approx 2.9 kg
  • Guarantee:
    5 year warranty on the detector
    15 year warranty on IR sources
  • Certifications:
    ATEX: II 2 G / ex de IIC T5 / T6 Gb
    CSA: C22.2 No 152-M1984 and ANSI / TSA 12.13.01-2000 Ex d e IIC T6 (for Canada only) Class i, division 2, groups A, B, C AND D (for USA and Canada)

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