MX16 O2 Oxygen monitoring controller

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The MX16 O2 controller is a device designed to monitor the level of oxygen in the ambient air. It is totally autonomous and easy to set up. It is a practical and economical solution for constant air control in rooms using an air network, a cylinder of nitrogen or
asphyxiating gas.

This gas detection system is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and features a large graphic LCD screen with backlighting, 2 levels
of alarms which can be programmed on relays, a powerful buzzer and a red flashing light to indicate that limits have been exceeded (on falling edge). Detailed description

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The MW16 O2 controller offers a standard event history recording function (alarms, defaults, etc…). In addition to the basic functions which are sufficient in most cases, the MX16 O2 central unit has 2 alarm relays for additional control functions (such as sirens, phone transmitters, gas solenoid valves).

MX16 O2 assets

  • Autonomous ready-to-use equipment for continuous monitoring of the oxygen level in the ambient air
  • Wall mounting without special installation, includes a 2 meter power cable
  • Large LCD screen with backlighting with information on the oxygen concentration in the air
  • 2 alarm relays for extra controls
  • Buzzer 90 dB and red flashlight (on limit 1 at 19% O2/vol.)
  • Last 512 events history
  • Excellent quality/price ratio as no installation is required

MX16 O2 application examples

  • Hospitals, analysis laboratories
  • MRI rooms (with helium cell)
  • Universities, classrooms and research centers
  • Cryogenics environments
  • Bottling and brewery units

Technical specifications of oxygen detection controller MX16O2

  • Function: Controller of the oxygen level in the air
  • Power supply: 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz (35W) with a 2 meter power wire included
  • O2 cell:
    - Measuring range: 0 – 30 %/vol. certifiied SIL2
    - Measuring technology: electrochemical cell
    - Materials: stainless steel
  • Certifications: SIL2
  • Display:
    - Backlit graphic LCD
    - Switching to reverse video in case of an alarm
    - Bar graph with indication of alarm thresholds
  • Keys: 5 contextual keys + 1 audible alarm acknowledgment button 
  • Alarm: 2 alarm levels (A1 & A2) + défaut
  • Sorties :
    - 2 relais d'alarme (A1 & A2) + 1 relais défaut
    - Buzzer 90 dB et feu flash rouge (sur seuil 1)
    - RS485 Protocole Modbus RTU (option)
  • Enregistrement : Historique des 512 derniers événements
  • Dimensions : 265 x 266 x 196 mm
  • Indice de protection : IP55
  • Conditions d’utilisation : -20 à +50°C et 5 à 95% HR (non condensée)
  • Homologations :
    - EMC : Suivant EN 50270 :15
    - Directive Basse Tension : Suivant EN 61010-1 :10
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