Digital fixed gas detector - OLCT10N (series connection)

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Especially designed for monitoring the most commonly encountered gases in the tertiary sector (universities, laboratories, small parking lots) or light industry (small boiler rooms, winemaking cellars), the OLCT10N digital fixed gas detector is an economical solution (series connection) for explosive combustible, toxic or asphyxiating gases.

The OLCT10N digital fixed gas detector is only compatible with Oldham MX32N and MX43 controllers. The OLCT10N gas transmitter is available for combustible gas, CO, CO2, H2S, NO, NO2, NH3 and O2 monitoring. Detailed description

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OLCT10N digital fixed gas detector

For small and medium installations of the tertiary sector – laboratories, research centers, universities, hospitals, car parks… - wiring issue is a key point in order to avoid high wiring lengths or controllers in each monitored area. This is all the more true in schools and universities where there are many independent classrooms.

Especially engineered to be digitally linked to MX32N or MX43 gas detection controllers, the Oldham OLCT10N fixed gas detector ensures a reliable and fast gas detection. Sensors are linked in series which means that wiring (Modbus RS485) goes from the controller to the first gas detector, then to the second sensor and so on…

OLCT10N digital gas transmitter assets

Every sensor and relay information are digitally treated by a gas controller in less than a second. Thanks to an ultra-bright LED and a magnet, the transmitter's calibration is automatically performed and does not require case opening. IP65 and ATEX 3 GD approved, it can be used in ATEX zones 2 and 22 and is water and dust resistant.

  • Excellent quality/price ratio (wiring cost-effective)
  • Easy commissioning (assembly in series)
  • Modbus RS485 communication (proprietary bus)
  • Automatic calibration without opening the enclosure
  • Ideal for small gas boiler rooms, car parks and battery charging rooms
  • Fully compatible with MX32 (up to 8 detectors) or MX43 (up to 32 detectors) gas detection controllers

OLCT10N digital fixed gas detector technical specifications

  • Measuring range:
    CH4 (methane), C3H8 (butane), C4H10 (propane), H2 (hydrogen) : 0-100 % LEL
    CO (carbon monoxide) : 0-300 ppm / 0-1000 ppm
    CO2 (carbon dioxide) : 0-5000 ppm / 0-5%/vol. / 0-100%/vol.
    H2S (hydrogen sulfide) : 0-30 ppm / 0-100 ppm
    NO (nitric oxide) : 0-100 ppm / 0-300 ppm
    NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) : 0-10 ppm / 0-30 ppm
    NH3 (ammonia) : 0-100 ppm / 0-1000 ppm
    O2 (oxygen) : 0-30 % vol
  • Signal output: Digital signal RS485 Modbus proprietary
  • Power supply: 12-30 Vcc
  • Consumption:
    - Electrochemical sensor: 2,5 mA normal operation at 24 V
    - Catalytic sensor: 50 mA normal operation at 24 V
    - Infrared sensor CO2 : 20 mA normal operation at 24 V
  • Calibration: Automatic without opening the enclosure
  • Cable entries: 2 M16 cable glands, diameter 4 to 8 mm
  • Cable maximum length:
    - Up to 32 toxic gas or oxygen detectors on one 1,000 m line with 0.9 mm2 wiring (AWG 18)
    - Up to 5 combustible gas detectors on one 500 m line with 0.9 mm2 wiring (AWG 18)
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): 110x110x60 mm
  • Material: ABS UV and schoskc-resistant
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Certifications: II 3 GD - INERIS 11ATEX3023X - IECEx 11.0029X
    - Explosimeter versions: Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc
    - Other versions (except CO2) : Ex nA IIC T4 Gc
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: EN50270

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