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DIN rail mounted gas detection module - Unipoint

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The Unipoint gas detection controller is a DIN rail mounted control module. This device has been specifically design for integrating a flammable, toxic or asphyxiating gas detection in a control system... Detailed description

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The Unipoint is a flexible and cost-effective DIN rail mounted control module for the monitoring of flammable, toxic and asphyxiating (oxygen deficiency) gases. Two versions of the Unipoint module are available: one featuring a catalytic filament and an mV bridge for monitoring flammable gases and one for any gas detector (combustible, toxic or asphyxiating gas) with 4-20mA and 2 or 3 wire technology.

Each Unipoint monule can be easily implemented on a DIN rail through a specific plug (provided) which is the link between power supply and adjacent modules. Each module features audiovisual alarms, three adjustable alarm relays and one fault relay. The gas concentration and system status are displayed on a screen and each control module is fully adjustable by the user through an intuitive menu with slection keys.

Setup menus can be locked with passwords in order to avoid any illicit access. Moreover, inputs enable remote alarm acknowledgement, reset and deactivation without opening the Unipoint case.


Nominal power supply: 24Vcc (18-32Vcc).

• mV bridge 3 wires, 4-20mA 2 and 3 wires inputs
• Constant current operation
• 3 alarm relays (single-pole changeover / 3A, 240Vca/28Vcc)
• 1 system fault relay
(single-pole changeover / 3A, 240Vca/28Vcc)
• Field inhibit input

• Two pushbuttons for normal operation of resetting alarms and initiating self-diagnostic test of system. Four buttons for user programmable functions via intuitive menu
• Backlit display: Measure units, digital gas reading and event code

• Other indication: Ultra-bright steady / flashing LEDs subject to condition; alarm (red), power (green), fault (amber)
• Integrated audible alarm: 63dB at 0,3 m

IP rating:
Indor, IP3x, to BS EN 60529:1992
(controller to be installed in suitable enclosure)

- CEM/RFI: EN50270
- Electrical safety: EN61010, UL61010b
- ATEX measuring function: EN61779
- Other: CE, TUV

More Information
Technical specifications
  •  Alimentation Nominal : 24Vcc (18-32Vcc).
  • Fonctionnalités :
    • Entrées à pont mV 3 fils, 4-20mA 2 et 3 fils
    • Fonctionnement en courant continu
    • 3 relais d’alarme (Inverseur unipolaire / 3A, 240Vca/28Vcc)
    • 1 relais de défaut du système
    (Inverseur unipolaire / 3A, 240Vca/28Vcc)
    • Entrée de désactivation sur place
  • Fonctionnement :
    • Deux touches pour les opérations normales de réinitialisation des alarmes
       et de déclenchement de l’auto-test du système. Quatre touches pour la pro-
       grammation par l’utilisateur via un menu intuitif
    • Afficheur rétroéclairé : Unités de mesure, relevé de gaz numérique et ’événements
    • Autre indication : LED ultra-brillantes clignotantes / allumées en continu
      en fonction   de l’état ; alarme (rouge), alimentation (verte), défaut (orange)
    • Alarme sonore intégrée   63dB à 0,3 m
  • Classe de protection IP :
    Intérieur, IP3x, selon BS EN 60529:1992
    (module de commande à installer dans un coffret approprié)
  • Homologations :
    - CEM/RFI : EN50270
    - Sécurité électrique : EN61010, UL61010b
    - Performances Fonction de mesure ATEX : EN61779
    - Autres : CE, TUV

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