FS24X Optical flame detector - IR3 detector (Triple IR)

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The Honeywell FS24X optical flame detector is an efficient and reliable IR3 detector combining three infrared sensors on different optical wavelengths, thereby increasing immunity to false alarms.

The FS24X detector is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications that require a maximum degree of false alarm rejection and the highest fire detection performance. The detector is available in aluminum or stainless steel 316 version for installation in the harshest environments. Detailed description

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Honeywell FS24X IR3 detector: the combination of 3 IR sensors

Using ultra-fast semiconductor IR quantum sensors, the IR3 FS24X optical flame detector is able to distinguish flames from other light sources, being sensitive only to specific optical wavelengths and flame pulse frequencies.

To trigger an alarm, the 3 IR sensors will need to be energized, which avoids false alarms caused by various factors like sunlight fluctuations.

Two high performance microprocessors

Sophisticated software algorithms and two microprocessors provide the FS24X flame detector with the highest fire detection performance, as well as optimal false alarms rejection.

Up to 60 meters range

With an over 60 meters range in the "high sensitivity" setting, the FS24X flame detector is capable of detecting a 0.1 m2 heptane reference fire in a few seconds.

Its vision cone is, in terms of volumetric coverage, significantly higher than most IR3 detectors on the market.

FS24X IR3 optical flame detector main assets

  • Technology suitable for hydrocarbon (petrol, methane diesel, LPG, polypropylene), paper, wood fires and more.
  • Immunity and rejection of false alarms (arc welding, solar fluctuations, heat radiation)
  • Visualization and correct operation indicator: Green (energized), red (alarm), yellow (error)
  • ModBus RS-485 communication, analog output and relay
  • FM, ATEX, CE approvals and compliance with SIL 2 requirements

Example of IR3 optical flame detector applications

  • Oil refineries and production facilities
  • Offshore platforms, oil and gas pipelines
  • LNG / LPG pumping, loading and unloading stations
  • Storage and production of ethanol and methanol
  • Paints or solvents storage

FS24X flame detector technical specifications

  • Field of vision: 90 ° horizontal cone in 100% global vision
  • Sensitivity: 4 levels selectable by switch - very high (60 m), high (45 m), medium (30 m) and low (15 m)
  • Response time :
    - 3 to 5 seconds for n-heptane fire from 0.1 m2 to 30 m
    - 3 to 10 seconds for n-heptane fire from 0.1 m² to 60 m
  • Power supply: Nominal voltage 24 Vdc (18-32 Vdc) - regulated
  • Analog output: 0 to 20 mA step by step sink or source
  • Communication: ModBus RS-485 or RS-485 FireBus II
  • Output relay:
    - Fire alarm relay: Selectable NO and NC contacts
    - Auxiliary relay: Selectable NO and NC contacts
    - Error relay: Selectable NO and NC contacts
  • Visual indications: Green (power), red (alarm), yellow (error)
  • Housing: Aluminum NEMA4 (IP66), tamper-resistant with 3/4 ”NPT openings (M25 optional)
  • Stainless steel case available
  • Protection index: IP66
  • Mounting: Optional swivel mount
  • Operating temperatures: -40 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Humidity range: 5 to 98% RH
  • Weight: 1.8 kg (Aluminum) or 3.4 kg (Stainless steel)
  • Certifications:
    - ATEX / IECEx: II 2 G Ex db IIC T4 (Ta: -40 to + 110 ° C),
    - FM: Class I, division 1 and 2, groups B, C and D; Class II, Div. 1 and 2, groups E, F and G; Class III
    - CE: Complies with standards EN6100-6-4 and EN50130-4
    - SIL classification: FMEDA

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