Series 3000 MkII transmitter ATEX 4-20 mA 2-wire loop fixed gas detector with display

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The Series 3000 MkII gas transmitter is a fixed gas detector powered by a 4-20 mA 2-wire loop for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones). This Honeywell transmitter is a low power consumption fixed gas detector that can be integrated into any type of new or modern installation.

Equipped with a large LCD screen and magnetic switches, this toxic gas and oxygen fixed detector can be set up non-intrusively using a magnet directly through the glass window of the display. Detailed description

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3000 MkII Series Gas Transmitter

Patented Surecell™ electrochemical sensors

The Series 3000 MkII gas transmitter uses Surecell™ electrochemical sensors, ideal for hot and moist environments. Made of stainless steel, the smart sensors are supplied preconfigured, tested and calibrated. These Honeywell transmitters are intrinsically safe and can be replaced while powered without having to shut down the detector, saving time for commissioning and routine maintenance.

Patented Reflex™ self-diagnosis

The Series 3000 MkII fixed gas detector has the patented Reflex™ diagnostic sequence which automatically checks whether the gas sensor is present, in open circuit or in short circuit. If the electrochemical sensor cell fails these tests, the sensor error code is displayed.

The Reflex™ sequence does not apply to nitrogen monoxide and oxygen sensors and regular performance checks and calibrations are still required.

A gas transmitter for regulations compliance

The Series 3000 MkII gas transmitter is compliant with the main certifications in Europe (ATEX), the United States (UL), Canada (c-UL), South America (Inmetro) and international standards (IECEx). It is even ATEX zone 0 certified in Europe!


Many accessories are available (as options) to facilitate the Series 3000 MkII gas transmitter’s implementation, such as the remote sensor mounting kit (up to 15 meters), the pipe fixing kit (for monitoring gases circulating in pipes) or the weather protection device.

Series 3000 gas transmitter application fields

  • Mining and drilling platforms
  • Onshore oil and gas terminals
  • Offshore platforms, refineries
  • Chemical industries & SEVESO classified sites
  • Water treatment, sewage treatment plants
  • Metallurgy, steel industry
  • Power stations
  • Treatment plants

Series 3000 MkII transmitter technical specifications

  • Gas detection: Cl2, ClO2, CO, ETO, F2, H2S, HCl, HCN, HF, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, SO2
  • Signal: 4-20 mA, 0 to 100% of full scale reading
  • 2-wire loop power supply: 17 Vdc (± 10%) to 30 Vdc (max)
  • Recommended wiring: 2 shielded cables (over 90%) or conduit 0.5 mm2 (AWG 20) to 2.0 mm2 (AWG 14)
  • Material :
    - Emitter: LM25 aluminum alloy or 316 stainless steel with Epoxy paint
    - Sensor: 316 stainless steel with polytetrafluoroethylene filter
  • Dimensions: 164 mm x 201 mm x 99 mm
  • Weight:
    - LM25 aluminum alloy: 1.7 kg
    - 316 stainless steel: 3.7 kg
  • Protection index: IP66 (EN 60529), NEMA 4X
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +55 ° C
  • Humidity: 20 - 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Compliance:
    - CE conformity:
    - ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC
    - Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108 / CE (EN50270: 2006)
  • Certifications:
    - ATEX: II 2 (1) GD Ex d [ia IIC Ga] IIB + H2 T4 Gb Ex t [ia IIIC Da] IIIB T135 ° C Db
    - IECEx: Ex d [ia IIC Ga] IIB + H2 T4 Gb Ex t [ia IIIC Da]
    - UL / c-UL: class I, division 1 & 2, groups B, C & D
    * Class II, division 1, groups E, F & G
    * Class II, division 2, groups F & G
    * Class 1, zone 1, groups IIB + H2 for hazardous areas

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