Infrared gas detector for hydrocarbon gases SearchPoint Optima Plus

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The Honeywell SearchPoint Optima Plus is an infrared fixed hydrocarbon gas detector certified for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone). Available for many combustible gases, this fixed detector differs from other infrared absorption devices by a very fast response time with a less than 4 seconds T90 for methane.

The Optima plus IR combustible gas detector is particularly suitable in applications likely to be affected by poisons or inhibitors harmful to catalytic beads but especially in processes with the permanent presence of explosive combustible gases, solvents or alcohols, even at low concentrations... Detailed description

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The SearchPoint Optima Plus hydrocarbon gas detector

The Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus is a high performance fixed infrared hydrocarbon gas detector - ATEX certified - with a very large library of flammable combustible gases with nearly a 100 available calibration curves making it the most versatile infrared gas detector on the market.

A high performance infrared gas detector

The Searchpoint Optima Plus hydrocarbon gas detector uses an infrared double beam measurement technology with an ultra-fast response timecompared to conventional gas detectors with catalytic filament. It needs reduced routine maintenance and has a secure operation thanks to an integrated self-test.

Advanced algorithms for internal fault diagnosis and rejection of false alarms ensure optimum operational integrity. With its high-performance optical unit and its robust stainless steel housing, it is particularly suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.

The SearchPoint Optima Plus gas detector has the HART® communication protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) to access complete diagnosis, configuration or calibration information from a control room or through a HART® portable device

Optima Plus hydrocarbon gas detector assets

  • Nearly 100 available calibration curves (hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols)
  • Response time: T50 <3 seconds, T90 <4 seconds (methane)
  • 4-20 mA linear output HART with an <± 1% DPE accuracy
  • Dynamic heat control for a non-condensing optical system.
  • Optical auto-compensation for greater stability.
  • Remote functional gas testing device
  • No saturation effect, the detector is able to measure gas concentrations up to 100% / vol.
  • Immunity against poisons and catalytic inhibitors.
  • Operation possible in inert atmospheres.
  • ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA global certifications and approvals

Many available options

The Honeywell SearchPoint Optima Plus gas detector can be equipped with a full range of accessories designed to protect optical surfaces against environmental conditions or to facilitate gas detection tests.

Optima Plus hydrocarbon gas detector technical specifications

  • Measuring range: 0-100% LEL with a wide range of calibration curves for hydrocarbons, solvents and alcohols.
  • Power supply 18 to 32 V DC (24 V nominal), <4.5 W max
  • Output signals:
    - Linear output 4-20 mA receiver or autosensor transmitter
    - Deactivation 1 to 3 mA (2 mA by default)
    - Warning 0 to 6 mA (3 mA by default)
    - 0 mA fault (HART® units adjustable to 1 mA)
    - Scale overshoot 20 to 21.50 mA (21 mA by default)
    - Digital output: Optional Modbus RS485 multipoint port
  • Material 316 stainless steel / Weight 1.6 kg
  • Base point accuracy:
    - Optima Plus hydrocarbons) <± 1% DPE (full scale)
    - Optima Plus (ethylene) <± 2% DPE (full scale)
  • Response time :
    - T50 <3 seconds
    - T90 <4 seconds (methane)
  • Temperature range from -40 ° C to +65 ° C.
  • IP 66/67 protection
  • Diagnosis: With XNX certified portable interrogator or HART communication (and recalibration)
  • Safety certifications
    - ATEX: II 2 GD Ex d op is IIC Gb Ex tb IIIC Db
    - UL: Class 1, Groups B, C and D (Tamb -40 to +65 ° C)
    - InMetro (Brazil): BR-Ex d IIC T4 IP66 / 67 (-40 ° C ≤ Ta ≤ +65 ° C)
    - CSA: Class I, division 1, groups B, C and D, (40 ° C to +65 ° C)
    - FM: Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D
    - CU-TR Ex Homologation (Eurasian) - XTC version (Russia)
    - Level 2 of safety integrity IEC61508
    - Electromagnetic compliance EN 50270: 2006
    - Marine approvals MED Directive relating to marine equipment, standard approvals by DNV, BV, ABS, Lloyd’s Register

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