Hydrogen chloride detectors - HCL gas

Hydrogen chloride detectors, whether fixed or portable, are widely used in many industrial and technical environments to monitor the concentration of this gas. After detecting a dangerous concentration level, the HCl detector will alert the user who will then proceed to the evacuation of the hazardous area. Find here our selection of equipment dedicated to monitoring this gas.

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Use and dangers of HCL - CAS 7647-01-0

Use of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen chloride

Also known as hydrochloric acid (aqueous solution), hydrogen chloride or HCl, is used in many applications: the metal industry (metal stripping in particular), the plastics industry, glues, manufacturing of fertilizers, cleaning products, manufacturing of dyes, pharmaceutical products, photographic products and metal salts.

HCL hazards

Prolonged or occasional exposure to HCL gas poses health risks. Indeed this gas is toxic by inhalation and can cause lesions and burns on the skin, irritation to the eyes, and effects on the respiratory tracts (edema). Acute intoxication will cause skin and respiratory track diseases. Hydrogen chloride is not flammable or explosive in itself however its corrosive effects on metal can lead to highly explosive hydrogen (H2) production.

The use of hydrochloric acid involves, in many cases, the presence of a hydrogen chloride detector to protect personnel and installations from dangerous situations.

Hydrogen chloride detection

Portable HCL detector

Small and robust, a portable HCL monitor is most often used as a PPE (personal protective equipment device). Worn at the level of the airways or on the belt of its user, the device triggers its alarm (LED light alarm, vibration and audible alarm) when the presence of gas reaches high concentrations.

Fixed HCL detector

A fixed hydrogen chloride detector makes it possible to measure the concentrations of this gas in a given place. With an electrochemical gas detection sensor or using the optical analysis method, fixed gas detectors can be used alone (autonomous monitoring device) or integrated into a complete system with a gas detection controller unit.

Any measuring device requires regular maintenance as well as calibration. For your portable detectors we can provide an all-included maintenance service for 1 or 2 years (renewable). And, on selected territories, we carry out the installation and maintenance of your fixed gas detection systems. Contact us for more information.