GASTEC colorimetric tubes - Point gas measurement

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Gas measurement by colorimetric tubes: with specific to the targeted substance Gastec tubes and a sampling pump (GV- 100 or GV110S) gas measurments are simple, precise and cost efficient.

With nearly 500 references, Gastec colorimetric tubes offer a particularly efficient solution for monitoring gas concentrations in the air. This simple and cost efficient method is particularly recommended when there are no gas detectors on the market or when those that exist are very expensive. Detailed description

Gastec tubes catalog
Gastec tubes catalog
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Colorimetric tubes for point gas measurements

Gas measurements by colorimetric reactive tubes are acclaimed for the wide range of gases they can monitor. With almost 500 references available to detect, Gastec tubes offer an efficient solution to detect many toxic or asphyxiating gas when no detector is able to perform the task or is too expensive.

This one-off gas measurement (instant measurement) equipment is made of a targeted gas colorimetric tube and a manual sampling pump forming an complete measurement device. A few strokes (1 to 3 strokes) are enough to get a precise measurement in a few seconds.

Gastec reagent tubes gas measurement

  • Precise: the sampling pump is made of a precision mechanical piston, which creates vacuum suction, then allows direct reading on the colored reagent tube.
  • Fast: a few minutes are enough for performing the measurement
  • Simple: no skills or special technical knowledge required.
  • Practical: with end of suction indicator, light enough for sampling with one hand.
  • Comfortable: one or two pump strokes are enough for sampling.

Manual sampling pump for Gastec tubes

The GASTEC GV-100 manual sampling pumps and GV-110S are to be used with colorimetric tubes and allow sampling of a precise determined gas volume. The full stroke corresponds to a 100 ml volume and the half stroke to 50 ml. Red and "notched" marks on the pump rod prevent any possible error. The pump is delivered with 3 rubber tips, lubricant and instructions for use in a practical shoulder bag.

  • Precise sampling volume according to the number of pump strokes
  • Diamond tube cutters to cut the end of the tubes safely
  • Reduced rod axis for easier handling and removal
  • Built-in pump count counter (GV-110S only)

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