Dosimeter tubes GASTEC detector tubes - TWA gas measurements

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Dosimeter tubes - also called dosi-tubes or passive tubes - are used to measure the average gas exposure value at a work station for a fixed period, usually 8 hours.

Dosimeter Gastec detector tubes constitute simple and economical way to control exposure to harmful gases and vapors in ambient air over a fixed period of time. They are mainly found in warehouses where forklifts travel. Detailed description

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Dosimeter tubes for TWA gas exposure measurements

Dosimeter tubes – also known as dosi-tubes – are designed to monitor total concentrations of a target gas in ambient air during a working day. These Gastec detector tubes measure breathed air during a complete working day (usually 8 hours). This is an easy and cost-effective way to monitor the TWA (time-weighted average) values.

Placed closed to the user’s breathing tracts (shirt or work gear collar for example) with a clip, dosimeter tubes measure the total exposure to a gas during a complete working day. A simple reading at the end of the day on the tube enables users to know the total amount of gas inhaled and if the AOEL (average occupational exposure limit) has been exceeded or not.

Dosi-tubes application examples



Application examples



Some refrigerated warehouses, the food industry, manufacturing of fertilizers, glues and gelatin



Swimming pools and some household products

Nitrogen dioxide


Warehouses with motorized carts (LPG or gas), parking (presence of CO too)

Carbon dioxide


Mainly indoor pollution (household, office, schools, stores…)

Sulfur dioxide


Combustion of carbon, petroleum and sulfurated natural gas



Distilleries and some agro-food processes, alcoholic beverages or methylated spirits



Cosmetics, fungicid, insecticide and disinfecting products, paints, printing inks, glues, waterproofing agents, household products, detergents, wood treatment, insulation in the construction industry…

Carbon monoxide


Wall-mounted boilers, chimneys and any fossil matter combustion system (fuel, gas, coal, wood…)

Hydrogen sulfide


Wasterwater treatment plants, biogas, wood fermentation, organic matter anaerobic (green waste like algae)



This pollutant comes from petroleum. It is thus present in solvents, wood stains and glues


Gastec dosimeter tubes assets

  • Easy to use and cost-effective gas detection units
  • Compact, lightweight and non-intrusive
  • Easy instant measures with no specific analysis devices required
  • Wide range of available gases or substances

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