Ozone Detectors - O3 gas

Used in many industries ozone detectors can accurately measure concentrations of this gas in ambient air. Known mainly as a greenhouse gas, ozone is an element exploited in many activities. It is used for water treatment (disinfection, depollution, deodorization of wastewater and drinking water). This gas is also used as a sterilizing agent (antiseptic and bactericidal) and oxidizing agent (synthesis of organic products, textile and paper bleaching, electronics, pharmaceutics).

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Ozone health effects and dangers - CAS 10028-15-6

Ozone is a very toxic, corrosive and oxidizing gas, so it is necessary to take precautions when using it. Exposure to ozone from 0.25 ppm induces health effects that worsen depending on the concentration and time of exposure. O3 gas can cause neurological disorders, dysfunction of the nervous system, of the respiratory system and can cause disruption of the blood system. Exposure at 2 ppm triggers dangerous effects in a few hours, and is fatal in a few minutes at 50 ppm. Ozone is not a flammable gas however the reaction of this element with other gases or elements is likely to cause fires and explosions. Despite the characteristic pungent odor of this gas, the use of an O3 detector giving accurate measurements is recommended in many cases.

Portable O3 detector

Our selection of portable ozone detectors presents two types of devices: single-gas ozone meters and multi gas detectors. Both types of devices are equipped with powerful sensors, powerful alarms and data loggers to warn their users when the concentration of O3 becomes dangerous. Multi-gas detectors, as their name suggests, can monitor the concentrations of several gases simultaneously. Among multi-gas detectors, area gas monitors (or construction / on-site gas detection systems) can also be equipped with an O3 sensor. These portable devices are used to monitor the presence of gases over a larger area than portable detectors. It is also possible to measure the presence of ozone using colorimetric detector tubes.

Fixed ozone monitor

Fixed ozone detectors are monitoring devices equipped with an O3 sensor and able to transmit information continuously to a controller panel or system. Our selection of fixed monitors dedicated to ozone monitoring have different characteristics to adapt to all applications: 4-20 mA analog signal output, with or without display, interchangeable sensors, sampling pump, or even use the optical gas detection technology.