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The G7 EXO geolocated area gas monitor is the first area monitoring device connected to the cloud with integrated 2G / 3G / 4G communication. It automatically connects to the Blackline Safety cloud network and continuously transmits critical site safety information such as gas detection alarms.

With its aluminum structure, the G7 EXO area gas monitor is designed to withstand the most difficult conditions while remaining easy to transport and maneuver. A powerful alarm and a series of LEDs communicate the events to personnel around it, while simultaneously transmitting the alert via the Blackline Safety cloud network to other connected devices. Detailed description

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The G7 EXO geolocated area gas monitor

The G7 EXO geolocated area gas monitor provides control and unrivaled area surveillance in a robust system, easy to use and to deploy.

All information is instantly brought up on a portal for optimum monitoring and security. The configuration parameters or the gas alarm thresholds can be modified at any time in a few seconds by radio link without on site intervention.

Able to detect up to 5 gases simultaneously and with a record autonomy of over a 100 days, it has 2 potential free contacts for additional servo-controls (additional signals, start of forced ventilation, power stop, etc.)

A latch on the front of the G7 EXO area gas monitor activates a ”Man in distress" alarm and instantly informs the security control center and all connected group peers. The reduced decision chain and the geolocation of the alert allow faster and safer intervention in the event of significant risk.

New generation area monitoring

The Blackline G7 EXO area gas monitor automatically generates smart zones, sector specific areas to transmit alerts to carriers working in the zone without interfering with other sectors.

Blackline Live online application

Blackline Live is a portal hosted online, it is highly customizable so that it can be adapted to the needs of each specific feature and customer requirements. This application includes an interactive map, the employee directory, user roles, alert management, device configurations, alert and report settings.

G7 EXO worksite area gas monitor technical specifications

  • Gas cartridges specifications
    Available gas sensors: Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2, H2,, H2S, HCN, NH3, O2, O3, SO2, explosive gases and VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
    Threshold overshoot alerts (2 thresholds)
    OEL alerts (Occupational exposure limit)
    ELV alert (exposure limit value)
    Reliability test and calibration notification
    Reliability test and calibration failure
  • User Interface
    Display: 8-color active matrix liquid crystal display, 480x640 pixels
    Menu system: three-button keypad
    Emergency latch: send an emergency alert
    Multilingual assistance: EN, FR, SP, GE, IT, NL, PT
  • User notification
    360-degree visible light indicators
    Green connectivity indicator: Flashing (powered) / Continuous (connected)
    Yellow indicator: pending and warning alerts
    Red indicator: alert communication
    Blue indicator: alert acknowledgment confirmation
    Alarm sound level: 100 dB at 30 cm
    Two-way voice call sound level: 95 dB at 30 cm
  • Housing
    Case material: Robust aluminum and plastic housing with rubber bumper
    Dimensions: 385 mm x 188 mm x 220 mm
    Weight: 9,5 kg
  • Wireless cellular radio
    Coverage: Over 100 countries and over 200 operators
    Europe: 2G / 3G or 2G / 4G
    North America: 2G / 3G or 3G / 4G
    Australia / New Zealand: 2G / 3G or 3G / 4G
    Antenna: Optimized for the region
  • Wireless updates
    Device configuration changes: yes
    Device firmware update by radio link: yes
  • Location technology
    Radio GPS: 48 channels with high sensitivity
    Assisted GPS: yes
    GPS accuracy: ~ 5 m (16 ft) outdoors in open field
    Area gas monitor radio locator: Yes, Blackline's exclusive area gas monitor locator technology and site floor plans
  • Wireless satellite radio option
    Supplement that can be added by the user: yes
    Network: Iridium, global coverage

G7 EXO area gas monitor options & accessories

  • 4-channel sampling period
  • Solar panel for continuous monitoring
  • Mounting accessories (wall mounting, tripod, anti-tip, magnetic and on rail / scaffolding)

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